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Tomb Raider Fixer 1.0.3 22

This folder is shared between all users. Useful when using with SeparateStorageByName.**************************************************************** SmartSteamEmu v1.4.3 ** by syahmixp ****************************************************************This is a steam client emulator which enables you to play steamgames without STEAM client and play lobby enabled-games oronline multiplayer games on LAN without any internet connectionor online.This emulator initially intended only for Age of Empires II HDto enable lobby features without depending on STEAM. Now theemulator has been updated and can be used with other steam'sgame.Features: - Run steam game without steam - Enables play on LAN without internet connection - Enables play online with or without 3rd party apps - Emulates lobby, dota2 lobby, server browser - Emulates CS:GO items/inventory - Stats, Achievements and Save games - Configurable DLC subscription - Avatar support - Plugins support - Overlay support for DX9/11/OpenGL - UGC/Steam Workshop partial supportRequirements: - Microsoft(R) Visual C++ 2010 Runtime (x86) - .NET Framework 4 (SSELauncher only) - Steam gamesHow to use: - Extract all files to game directory or any directory. - Open SmartSteamEmu.ini and edit as neccessary. - Launch SmartSteamLauncher.exe and not the game executable. - To use different configuration file, add configuration file path to launcher parameter. - Put your plugins into SmartSteamEmuPlugins folder. SmartSteamEmu will automatically load the dll files.Note: If your games use cracked version that replace steam_api.dll, make sure you restore the original steam_api.dll file first. Some games may require pre-cracked file to run the games, but be sure steam_api.dll is the original. Some games such as tomb raider that can host private match require invite friends function to invite others to join their private match. Since this emulator didn't have any invite friend implemented, to JOIN the server press SHIFT+TAB simultaneously. Beginning with version 1.3.5, online mode is introduced (by SSEOverlay plugins). It will connect to several server (torrent tracker) and STUN server. If you do not wish to connect to these server, it can be disabled completely via overlay settings or modifying its setting file.Plugin Development: Plugin is simply a dll file to extend or change the emulator or game behaviour. The dll will be loaded by SmartSteamEmu via LoadLibrary(). Additionally the plugin can have SmartInit() and SmartShutdown() exported function. To get better understanding, download the PDK. PDK can be downloaded here: ****://***************************************************************[Changelog]Version 1.4.3 (April 11, 2017) - Added x64 launcher - Added game server rules support - Added protection on game server callback - Updated steamstub patcher - Internet server list will query LAN too - Fixed Plugin PostCallback doesn't copy the data - Fixed Plugin callback may not run - Fixed GC reply missing job source - Fixed deadlock around callback - Faster lobby request - Plugin with wrong platform will not be loaded - SSELauncher: All list box item's (dlc, broadcast, direct patch, ban) can be individually disabled - SSELauncher: Added option to launch the game using x64 launcher (and can enable x64 inject)Version 1.4.2 (February 14, 2017) - Updated steam interface - Fixed CS:GO try to connect to non CSGO servers - Prevent thread creation for each async callsVersion 1.4.1 (June 9, 2016) - Updated steam stub patcher - Implemented CSGO Find game - Added CSGO relay server - Added limit to avatar response - Fixed crash on COH2 - Fixed avatar return null early - Fixed LAN server doesn't appear on server browser - Fixed lobby got deleted while user still joining - Fixed/Updated latest steam interface - Fixed steam **** body content doesn't work other than POST - Fixed DirectPatch cannot patch on the end of memory region - Fixed networking stack may wait indefinitely causing entire game to hang - Fixed broken invite system - SSEOverlay: Fixed crash when opening overlay dialog from game - SSEOverlay: Fixed crash if using invalid locale - SSEOverlay: Updated Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Germany language - SSEOverlay: Allow game to process game invites callback - SSEOverlay: Fixed OpenGL games take long time to init overlay - SSEOverlay: Fixed possible crash - SSEOverlay: Mapped some game server appid to client to allow client searching the server - SSEOverlay: Added OnlineKey allowing to connect with other that use the same key - SSEOverlay: Added HookRefCount option to turn off reference counting that will shutdown the overlay - SSELauncher: Updated settings with OnlineKey and HookRefCount - SSELauncher: Fixed unable to add game if launcher resides on root drive - SSELauncher: Fixed overlay screenshot hotkey will select default value backVersion 1.4.0 (April 15, 2016) - Added all map tags for CS:GO UGC - Added DragonBall Xenoverse parsing lobby data crash fix - Fixed missing overlay inset implementation - Fixed plugins got unloaded early - Fixed FileShare missing return value causing game like Melty Blood AACC to stall - Game server now will be notified if user ticket is cancelled - Fixed creating lobby with zero maximum members causes lobby to delete itself which fix Divinity Original Sin - Fixed GetLobbyGameServer return true even it isn't set, this fix Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - Fixed assigning zero to p2p virtual port will fail socket creation, this fix Dead Rising 2 : OTR - Rewrite server browser, more efficient, give correct ping and more responsive - Fixed LAN Server browser ping, give correct ping instead of fixed 50 - Fixed server browser callback doesn't get removed causing next queries to be slowed down - Added SmartReady() and SmartUnready() to PDK - Fixed auto connection on packet receive, this fix Tomb Raider - Limit avatar requests - Added SSEFirewall plugins to block/unblock game communication to server - SSEOverlay: Added ISSeOverlay PDK - SSEOverlay: Added Screenshot hotkey support - SSEOverlay: Faster screenshots, no more lagging when capturing screenshot - SSEOverlay: Faster notifications, hopefully no more lagging - SSEOverlay: Fixed some DX11 possible crash - SSEOverlay: Fixed DX11 text box width calculation - SSEOverlay: Fixed OpenGL texture - SSEOverlay: Fixed OpenGL text lists overflow - SSEOverlay: Fixed some game like Limbo doesn't show overlay - SSEOverlay: Fixed friends "Playing" game will not updated if they switch to another game - SSEOverlay: Fixed scrollbar position got reset when window resized - SSEOverlay: Fixed cannot type on any input box on some game like Awesomenauts - SSEOverlay: Fixed DX9 leaks causing game crash - SSEOverlay: Fixed DX9 state saver causing game texture/mesh corruption - SSEOverlay: Fixed leaks if overlay got shutdown early - SSEOverlay: Fixed overlay deactivate event not fired causing game like Tomb Raider stall - SSEOverlay: Fixed scroll position can be possibly greater than the listbox item causing crash - SSEOverlay: Fixed crash when mouse enter on destroyed overlay object - SSEOverlay: Fixed unnecessary text got processed by translator - SSEOverlay: Favors hooking D3D11 instead of OpenGL if graphics vendor uses D3D11 to draw OpenGL - SSEOverlay: Time/date locale support - SSEOverlay: Cursor position is now restored when closing overlay - SSEOverlay: Ensure every overlay object is created/destroyed on UI thread - SSEOverlay: Implemented overlay inset - SSEOverlay: Implemented sound notification for message and screenshot - SSEOverlay: Minor changes on UI size to allow more room for translated text - SSEOverlay: Added new console command, "overlay_graphics" and "set_locale" - SSELauncher: Faster startup - SSELauncher: Fixed Chinese language not being changed to schinese/tchinese - SSELauncher: Added more language to lists - SSELauncher: Added overlay language settings - SSELauncher: Added ability to delete apps using DEL key - SSELauncher: Added Open File Location on selected apps - SSELauncher: Added ability to add [SmartSteamEmu] custom settings - SSELauncher: Added SSEOverlay Screenshot hotkey settingsVersion 1.3.9 (April 24, 2016) - Fixed "offline" mode where games still seen steam emu being online - Fixed network id not properly set causing network failure on some game - Fixed worms reloaded lobby - Fixed some possible crash - Updated steam interface - SSELauncher: Added new offline settings - SSELauncher: Fixed tooltip for overlay and direct patch - SSEOverlay: Added multilanguage supportVersion 1.3.8 (April 22, 2016) - Added sourcemods support - Fixed sourcemods server fail to obtain encryption key - Fixed hanging when starting games - Fixed Magicka crash - Loader: Search for steamclient relative to StartIn folder too - SSEOverlay: Fixed some possible crash.Version 1.3.7 (April 19, 2016) - Added "Offline" options - Added minimal dota2 lobby support - Fixed rare crash when retrieving user data - Fixed loader doesn't use absolute path for steamclient.dll - Fixed crash when games passing null pointer on stats interface - Fixed inventory GenerateItems where it gives invalid handle - Fixed inventory generate items for "generator" gives incorrect final quantity - Fixed Duke Nukem Forever fail to find match - Fixed AppTicket return invalid length if set to 1 - Fixed virtual user isn't transmitted and parsed correctly, causing bugs where user cannot join hosted game - Fixed GC where weapon skin not requested and transmitted - Fixed steam.dll emulation where it cannot be loaded - Fixed alignment issues that causes some critical bugs, eg. Lockings, crash on exit - Fixed nuclear throne bug found subscribed items - Improve DirectPatch memory scan performance - Updated CS:GO implementation - Updated to latest steam interfaces - Updated steamstub bypasser - SSELauncher: Added new settings: SSEOverlay, DirectPatch and Language - SSEOverlay: Fixed moving mouse pointer on listbox items may crash - SSEOverlay: Friend window no longer scroll back to top when refreshing list - SSEOverlay: Fixed achievement parse error - SSEOverlay: Fixed missing a character after line break on chat box - SSEOverlay: Fixed some crash with dx9 draw - SSEOverlay: Fixed rare crash when scrolling - SSEOverlay: Fixed other online players not being discovered on x64 build - SSEOverlay: Fixed listbox items graphics handle leaking when scroll pos > 0 - SSEOverlay: Fixed crashing when game trying to activate the overlay - SSEOverlay: Fixed crash when showing notification (achievements) - SSEOverlay: Fixed cursor clipping when activate/deactivate overlay - SSEOverlay: Added south east resize support to windows - SSEOverlay: Added support to only load overlay or online mode - SSEOverlay: Added opengl support - SSEOverlay: Added listbox item clipping support - SSEOverlay: Added translation support - SSEOverlay: Added lobby data viewer - SSEOverlay: Added screenshot notification - SSEOverlay: Added screenshot gallery - SSEOverlay: Added button to close overlay with mouse - SSEOverlay: Renamed "achprogress.db" to "GameSettings.ini" - SSEOverlay: Increase discovery interval to 15 secondsVersion 1.3.6 (November 18, 2015) - Implemented AddRequestLobbyListCompatibleMembersFilter - Ensure item will be final result when generating inventory item - Ensure friend will receive game info upon startup - Ensure plugins is unloaded properly - Minor playtime credit hour changes - Fixed friends may not appear - Fixed ip in serverbrowser shows - Fixed random crash when using server browser and other random crash - SSELauncher: Added new settings: InjectDll, MaximumConnection - SSELoader: Added InjectDll (same as /sseinject) to inject SmartSteamEmu directly into process - SSEOverlay: Show unlocked achievements date on mouse over if description too long - SSEOverlay: Fix menu not disappear when clicking other button/link - SSEOverlay: Enable 12/24 hour format switching by clicking on time - SSEOverlay: Chat message multiline now breaks properly - SSEOverlay: Fixed midnight shows as 0 instead of 12. - SSEOverlay: Better online player discovery - SSEOverlay: Some performance optimization - SSEOverlay: Widen the console window - SSEOverlay: Added paste support - SSEOverlay: Added console command get/set_statVersion 1.3.5 (November 15, 2015) - Fixed favorites server not saved - Fixed persona name change not broadcast properly - Fixed l4d2 and some other games may not be able to join without using public ip - Fixed some game may not be able to create lobby properly, eg. dirt showdown - Implemented inventory playtime credit - Removed online mode (replaced with SSEOverlay online mode) - Added maximum allowed connections in config file - SSEOverlay: Added achievements progress bar - SSEOverlay: Added scrollbar slider - SSEOverlay: Added online support (enabled by default) - SSEOverlay: Added console - SSEOverlay: Show hidden achievements only when achieved - SSEOverlay: Change screenshots folder from plugin folder to storage folder - SSEOverlay: Fixed possible crash when showing achievements and other notifications - SSEOverlay: Fixed some random dx9 crash - SSEOverlay: Fixed some text truncated on dx11 based games, e.g chat name - SSEOverlay: Fixed crash on exit - SSEOverlay: Fixed invite friends doesn't open overlay - SSEOverlay: Fixed missing friends join game menu on server based game - SSEOverlay: Fixed invite name - SSEOverlay: Many minor bug fixes - Empty achievement window, menu not disappear, Ach progress not in percent, window not reposition on resizeVersion 1.3.4 (October 29, 2015) - Added inventory support (payday 2) - Updated to latest steam interfaces - SSEOverlay: Fixed font loading issues on DX11 - SSEOverlay: Fixed crash when overlay is not loading - SSEOverlay: Fixed rare crash when hooking DX9 - SSEOverlay: Fixed overlay not working properly when using steam_api replacementVersion 1.3.3-fix1 (October 23, 2015) - Fix crash on payday 2 card select - SSEOverlay: Fix crash on dx11 overlay with ZATVersion 1.3.3 (October 21, 2015) - Fixed some crashes during exit - Fixed loading 8bit jpeg image - Fixed payday 2 do nothing after selecting card - Added DisableGC to disable GameCoordinator emulation - Changed default avatar picture to "?" - SSELauncher: Added DisableGC option - SSEOverlay: Added DX11 support - SSEOverlay: Fixed x64 pointer issue causing crash - SSEOverlay: Fixed dx9 calling wrong function causing crash on certain games - SSEOverlay: Changed font symbol to textureVersion 1.3.2 (September 23, 2015) - Fixed PDK bugs, GetSettingString returns corrupted buffer and some enhancement - Fixed get image buffer overflow - Fixed some missing callbacks - Achievements/stats now handled correctly if SSEOverlay able to fetch data - SSELoader: Fixed rapidly close and open games might open game using steam - SSELauncher: Fixed crash when adding game - SSEOverlay: - Fixed dx9 resources not released (minimize/fullscreen switch will fail) - Fixed "X" close window button displayed as "[]" - Fixed overlay renderer messed with games graphics - Added Stats, Chat, Invite, Join, Nickname and Settings - Added scrolling support (only works on certain games) - A lot of UI/UX improvements, feels lot more natural nowVersion 1.3.1 (September 16, 2015) - Advance user can manually supply AppTicket and DisableHooks - Fixed interface logging show empty line - Fixed SteamFriends::GetFriendCoplayGame return current appid - Fixed steam pipe wrongly assigned causing problems with callbacks - Fixed minidump option isn't read as boolean, set it to "true" will turned it off - Fixed SteamUtils::GetImageXxx may not return data if called from another pipe - Fixed improper plugins exception message will crash the emulator - Fixed stale packet blocks new packet from being received - Fixed lobby and stats data not persisted across pipe - Fixed network callback listener - Fixed callback posted by plugins will be freed - Fixed callresult will fail when game attempt to read it before it finish - Fixed various steam **** interface bugs - Added **** request limit - Limit DOW chat leaderboard - Implemented UsetStats::IndicateAchievementProgress - Fixed UserAchievementStored_t callback doesn't get emitted - Updated to latest steam interfaces - Updated PDK, added more interface and expose more emulator internals - Bundled SSEOverlay.dll as default plugins - SSELauncher: Automated apps/games configuration - SSELauncher: Auto DLC for Dead Rising 2/OTR - SSELauncher: Launcher position and size now saved - SSELauncher: Added sort by and group by - SSELauncher: Added categories - SSELauncher: Added non-steam apps options (will launch directly) - SSELauncher: Added hide missing shortcut - SSELauncher: Added tray icon and launch menu and hide to tray options - SSELauncher: Added option to stay on top - SSELauncher: Redesign steam_api.dll status and some small GUI changes - SSELauncher: Launcher now DPI awareVersion 1.3.0 (July 1, 2015) - Limit CSGO items as games cannot handle more than 2005 items - Fixed public ip retrieval thread deadlocked - Fixed new DOTA 2 crash on startup and added partial GC support - Fixed stats not updated for Killing Floor 2 - Fixed save game issue with Dead Rising 2 OTR - Added FailOnNonExistenceStats options to prevent loop - Changed storage folder structure - SSELauncher: Improved startup time by loading icon asynchronously - SSELauncher: Added relative path support when game is inside launcher directory - SSELauncher: Added SmartSteamEmu new FailOnNonExistence optionsVersion 1.2.9 (May 25, 2015) - Fixed crashing when loading file without valid data pointer - Fixed crashing with payday 2 when buying from contract broker - Fixed server browser favorites/history may not showing anything - Fixed other possible crashVersion 1.2.8 (May 24, 2015) - Added SteamStub/DRM bypasser - Added partial steam.dll emulation - Added ParanoidMode - warn if steam is running - Added remote player manager - Fixed crash when using SteamAchievementManager (SAM) - Fixed probable crash at various network location and other places - Fixed get friend appid return 0 - Fixed lobby owner cannot join own lobby - Fixed steam_api.dll replacement (SmartSteamEmu.dll renamed to steam_api.dll) crash - Fixed server browser favorites and history merged together - Fixed CS:GO nametag doesn't get removed when applied - Fixed server browser cannot query some of the master server - Rewrite leaderboard and added option to disable leaderboard - Ensure proper cleanup when exiting - Enable persona state again - Updated to latest steam interfaces - Minor changes: Prioritize appid from env than steam_appid.txt, fixed logging, synchronization - SSELauncher: Fixed broadcast address and masterserver entry got duplicates everytime you open the launcher. - SSELauncher: Fixed cancelling game renaming will cause game name to be empty - SSELauncher: Added option - Disable Leaderboard, Paranoid Mode, Admin password - SSELauncher: Set default button on settings pageVersion 1.2.7 (May 14, 2015) - Added player management, allowing to ban user - Added delay when retrieving or uploading fake leaderboard - Fixed x64 packet corruption and x86/x64 packet inconsistency - LAUNCHER: Immediately save all settings - LAUNCHER: Added player management tab - LAUNCHER: Added persist options - LAUNCHER: Fixed desktop shortcut launch loader instead of games - LAUNCHER: Single Instance - LAUNCHER: Other minor adjustment and fixVersion 1.2.6 (May 8, 2015) - Introducing SSELauncher! No more headache configuring games with SmartSteamEmu - Fixed hang when joining game, moved public ip query into background thread. - Fixed cs:go unable to join game (kicked, must join through lobby) - Fixed player not removed when disconnected, visible in server browser - Fixed some crash when querying server - Fixed favorites server browser save duplicates entry - Fixed creating minidump might causes memory corruption - Fixed hanging when exiting - Fixed stats


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