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Assistente Virtual Denise 1.0 Guile 3D Studio.rar LIQUiDGE (mod) Caracal, a package RAR 1.51 preview crack. The Oscar Buzz: Can Redford, Lugo, Chandor, and Ruth's Make Best Actor Shortlist? The only thing Oscar filmmakers can rely on now is that the film academy will try to invent new statuettes to shower upon them. This year, they're focused on honoring best actress and best supporting actor, and as usual, there's a flurry of contenders. But this time around, the contenders are unusually deep. No fewer than four directing nominees who have only one movie under their belt are nominated for best director Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon, Ozu's Tokyo Sonata and Sam Mendes' Revolutionary Road, and Jim Sheridan's In America. They're joined by Sean Penn, whose lone nom is for a role in Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker. By way of contrast, Francis Ford Coppola was the last director to win an Oscar for a debut, when he won for The Godfather. The last director to win two best director Oscars in a row was Billy Wilder in 1963 (The Apartment and The Importance of Being Earnest), although when he was nominated in 1951 he had already made three movies. He's also the only director to have three other films nominated for best picture (Lost Horizon, The Misfits and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), and only one of those (The Misfits) actually won. Here's the full list of best director nominees: Michael Haneke (The White Ribbon) Ozu (Tokyo Sonata) Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road) Jim Sheridan (In America) Sean Penn (I Am Sam) Hilary Swank (The Kids Are All Right) Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) The other contender for best director is Darren Aronofsky, who has three of the five biggest films of the year to his credit: The Wrestler, Black Swan and The Fighter. The Wrestler itself is nominated for best picture. The only other nominee in the best director category is Ben Affleck for The Town. That affirms what we already know: The Oscars historically reward directors first. (Vince Vaughn's RV doesn't look like it's going to get a nomination for best picture.) It also means that a director who has only one nomination can't be considered as a lock to get a nomination. That's really not a surprise. The nice thing about the standard for best director is that it's cheap and easy it doesn't require the director to be a great filmmaker or even a movie director. And the Oscars have historically used the honor as a way to recognize prestige rather than quality. In the case of Black Swan, for instance, the academy wanted to give the award to a woman who had only been in the business of directing one movie, of the five most-talked about movies of the year. That doesn't mean that a newbie can't take this opportunity to get a win. The Oscar arrives Tuesday night, and the film academy clearly takes better care of its own than the film world does, so anyone can walk away with a golden statuette. Newbies to the game often get their name plastered all over the Internet as they've taken home the golden brick, but the reality is that any of the above directors could easily lose.


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