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Where To Buy Car Flags

Design your graphics with two-sided printing for multi-directional marketing opportunities. You can get the same or different image printed on both sides. These flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides.

where to buy car flags

The resilient car flags grab attention and spread the word, all with confidence. Get your brand logo printed or support your favorite sports team; go patriotic or spread awareness about a social cause; choose from pre-set designs or create your own; the options are endless. We provide an extensive range of Sports banners that can be used for advertisement and promotion of all types of sports.

These custom car flags with logos and taglines are the best tools for marketing campaigns. Adjust the measurements of the flag in line with your branding needs and let your style speak through your custom flag.

The long-lasting car window flags are graphically designed for powerful communication. Made with the finest of fabrics, colored in vivid shades, and crafted meticulously, our car flags will suit all your promotional needs. We print & design country flags, event flags, political flags or car flags as per your interest to show case your country or political party or your brand.

Vehicle flags get the right attention and are hence perfect for promotional purposes. The car flag printing is done using premium-quality dye-sublimation printing process and quality inks. The vividly designed prints can catch attention and create a buzz for your cause. So, why shy away? Make some noise with these personalized car flags.

These car flags are also made of durable fabric, with a graphic weight of 90 GSM. The hardware is high-quality plastic, which ensures that these have a long shelf life. The best part is that you can get bulk discounts if you purchase these flags in large quantities.

You can get these custom car window flags printed on a single side or on both sides, depending on your marketing needs and how you intend to use them. Without any further delay, shop for our durable car flags now!

Our car window flags are constructed from heavy-duty knitted polyester material and sturdy 20" tall polypropylene poles. Each flag measures 11"x15" which is larger than the car flags offered by nearly all competitors. We use a heavier polyester fabric compared to the competition which provides extra durability for our car flags to outlast the competition. Whether it is USA, Checkered, Stock Message, or Logo Flags you need, we have them all!

Our car flags are are screen printed with state of the art printing equipment. Compare our flags to competitors who often use inferior printing techniques such as digital printing, sublimation, or screen printing with cheap pigment-based inks. All of our car flags are screen printed with dye-based inks for maximum fade resistance and durability. Dye-based inks offer the advantage of brighter, more vibrant, and longer lasting colors that do not run or fade as quickly.

Car flags are most popularly used as a way for car dealerships to decorate their lot. Many dealerships use a car window flag on every car on their lot to create an attractive display that draws attention. The most popular style of car flag is our USA car flag, however dealerships will also mix-n-match a variety of designs of car flags to draw attention to specific vehicles or promote programs that they are running.

In addition to their use as a promotional tool for car dealerships, USA car flags are a popular item for individuals looking to decorate their cars with a patriotic motif. The poles we use on our car flags are very strong and durable, which makes them a good choice for this application. We also offer very competitive pricing since we are the direct importer and designer for this product.

We are the designer and direct importer of our car flags and make every effort to offer the absolute best quality product on the market. You will find that our car flags offer the following advantages compared to the competition:

Our car window flags are made of durable knitted polyester and are finished with heavy duty 20-inch tall polypropylene window staffs. Each flag measures 11 x 15 inches, making them larger than the flags offered by most competitors. The knitted polyester is selected for its durability and low cost, while our durable plastic staffs are designed to be very sturdy so they will not bend or break in shipment.

Our car flags are printed with the highest quality dye-based inks available. This ensures maximum fade resistance and vibrant print quality. In contrast, some competitors seek to cut costs by using inferior printing techniques such as digital printing, sublimation, or screen printing with inferior pigment-based inks.

Car flags are en excellent sales tool for car dealerships. They can be used to enhance the appearance of individual cars or to decorate an entire lot of vehicles. Auto dealerships can use car flags to provide vital sales information about the vehicle, highlight special offers, or create an attractive visual presentation on your lot. This can prove critical in persuading prospective clients to purchase a vehicle. Most car dealerships find that car flags attract attention due to their vibrant colors and movement in the wind. Moreover, they are easy to install or remove during a test drive and do not cause any damage to the vehicle. Put simply, car flags are an excellent, cost-effective tool to drive up your sales numbers.

Our USA car flag design is our most popular for car dealerships and individuals alike. They can be used to enhance the patriotic decor of a dealership or by individuals looking to proudly display their USA-pride on their personal vehicle. American car flags can be displayed all year round, but dealerships and individuals often like to display their patriotism on special patriotic occasions, such as July 4th and Memorial day. We are the largest factory-direct importer of car flags on the east coast. Take advantage of our huge selection and factory-direct pricing!

Enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience of custom car flags imprinted with logos here at QualityImprint. You only need to follow three (3) quick and easy steps to complete your order process: First, choose a custom car flag of your choice from our wide selection of products on our website. Second, let us know how exactly you want your custom car flags to look by giving us detailed instructions on its design, as well as the number of items you are planning to purchase. We give you free design services to help you in customizing your car flags. Additionally, we also offer you an unlimited number of edits to your design free of charge! Lastly, add the items to your cart and get a quote for your order. We give you the best quality of products at the most affordable prices! So, if you find another local supplier with lower prices than ours, let us know and we will match it!

Patented design not only looks good and unique but is designed with one purpose in mind: to preserve flags and save you money. One customer reported getting 60,000 miles before replacing his flags, and was only replacing them because they were dingy from road grime. Flag Mount also keeps flag from viciously hitting car like other car flags, which may permanently leave coloring on your paint.

I made an 882-mile trip this weekend from Orange County California to Lake Havasu and Las Vegas on Desert backroads. On the way out I did not have the fold-down mount bracket bolt tight enough and the wind blew the flags over to the luggage rack. On the trip back I tightened the bolt up really well and that did the trick even at 80 MPH plus!! Awesome product... Going to enjoy having them during my upcoming Run For the Wall trip in May!Thank you so much,Doug Casady

WE have been running the X50 Flags for the last three years and finally had to get new flags for our poles. Our biggest issue was trying to cover the trike at a hotel overnight due to the flags keeping the cover up. Gene and his son came up with a foldable mount that now allows our flags to lay down on the luggage rack at nights and now allowing our trike cover to fit normally. We are very happy with our flags, mounts and now the new foldable hinge.

Car window flags are the perfect way to demonstrate your American patriotism and pride as you travel through your neighborhood and around town. carries two models of car flags designed to fit within any budget.

Our car flags are among the best you can buy, however, they are designed for short-term use during parades, festivals or during holiday celebrations. Two key factors in your flag's life is the speed at which you operate your car with your flag attached and the weather conditions outside. High winds, rain and direct sunlight can impact the coloring and fabric. Car Dealers: Check out our discounts for large quantities!

Be it about your next brand marketing event or the most awaited hiking adventure trip with folks; custom car flags are here to provide you with the best purpose. Personalize car flags for various personal and professional tasks to spread the information loud about the event. Made out of high-quality fabric; car flags ensure long-lasting usage. Along with it comes the sturdy pole and hardware made out of plastic to add utmost stability, durability, and longest display-time. Now, expressing your support for the favorite political party or Presidential candidate with possible with quality-driven and cost-effective personalized car flags.

Design the most attention-grabbing graphics for car flags, hand flags, and other varieties of flags with our online design studio. It comes with complete assistance to let you decide and create effective artwork for any of your displays. We bring you three special ways to design the graphics for flags:

We provide bulk order assistance and that too on the best discounts so that you can organize your on-the-go or road campaigns effectively. Car flags are easy-to-fix to the interiors of the car and ensure higher visibility and better brand recognition as the vehicle travels to numerous locations. Opt for double-sided imprints for enhanced flag visibility and attention. Double-sided printing is available at a minimal cost upgrade. 041b061a72


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