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Hidden Runaway-DEFA Dna Hack

I regularly compete against other network security groups in contestsdesigned to test the speed, agility, and knowledge of the teamsplaying. I hold the following titles as a result of thesecompetitions:DefCon 9, Las Vegas, NV: Co-won first placeDefCon 10, Las Vegas, NV: First placeInterz0ne II, Atlanta, GA: First placeInterz0ne III, Atlanta, GA: Second placet00rcon 2003, San Diego, CA: Second placet00rcon 2004, San Diego, CA: Second placeInterz0ne IV, Atlanta, GA: First placeOther I am the primary build engineer for Paketto Keiretsu.Can type over 100 wpm on both QWERTY and Dvorakkeyboards.I participated in the DefCon Capture the Flagcompetition during DefCon 9 and 10 and assisted the Digital Relevation team inwinning first place both years. Wrote several attack anddefense tools in C, Perl, Bourne shell, and C# under pressure,with an approximate output of 2 debugged lines of C perminute.My lifetime code output in all languages has beenindependently estimated to be approximately 150,000 lines asof 2003, with a 1:5 documentation to code ratio.Hold an Technican-class amateur radio license (callsignKF6RGF) and participate in the local emergency services net.I'm maintain a strict policy of continuingself-education in both my personal and business roles.My personal research network (14 nodes locatednationally and internationally) has never been beencompromised in violation of the security policy by eitheranonymous or guest "white-hat" hackers.References available on request.

Hidden Runaway-DEFA Dna Hack

Agent Daisy Louise Johnson, is an Inhuman, genius-level hacker and a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. She was born to Calvin Johnson and Jiaying, but was taken away when her mother was seemingly killed by HYDRA. Growing up at Saint Agnes Orphanage, she was given the name Mary Sue Poots. Disliking her legal name, she adopted the name Skye after she left the orphanage, and worked for the Rising Tide, putting her on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar. However, Phil Coulson recruited her into his team and appointed her as a consultant where she became a valued agent during the hunt for the Clairvoyant. After the events of the HYDRA Uprising, she joined the rest of her team in going off the grid. Skye was devastated when she learned that Grant Ward was a HYDRA operative, and she joined the team in defeating the Centipede Project and John Garrett.

Skye became obsessed with finding out the truth about her parents and eventually she dropped out of high school,[7] ran away, and joined the Rising Tide, a computer activist (or as Skye would say, "hacktivist") group. Skye and the Rising Tide shared certain beliefs about the freedom and accessibility of information. It was through the Rising Tide, that Skye bonded and became involved with Miles Lydon.[44] She also dated a Russian hacker. She only learned how to say dirty words in Russian before breaking up.[23] Some nights, Skye would drive up to a cliff overlooking Los Angeles to sleep.[27]

From this news, Coulson brought Skye into his office with Ward to assess the situation, which she believed they were suspecting her. Skye defended herself, and promised she could trace the hack, so Coulson gave her the chance. Skye then began to locate the hack, as the rest of the team watched on, soon discovering the hack's origin location to be in Austin, Texas. They then learned that the hacker was names Miles Lydon, who Skye was secretly in contact with, clearing her name, and the team prepared to apprehend him.

Skye and Lydon were then taken into custody on the Bus and locked up together. Lydon continued to voice his hate for S.H.I.E.L.D., but Skye defended them, now understanding what they truly were. Ward entered the room and revealed to Skye how Lydon sold information, which infuriated her. Lydon then revealed his buyer was a woman in a flower dress and that he was tasked with hacking into an organization which had to do with the Centipede Project.

Fearing that Ward and Fitz were in trouble, Skye decided to ask Coulson for information on the operation, only for Coulson to reply that she should trust the system. As she was not allowed to access any rooms, Skye convinced Jemma Simmons to aid her in hacking S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secure server, which resulted in Simmons attacking superior agent Jasper Sitwell. Gaining access to the server, Skye began looking at files on her past, but knowing that she had only a minute, decided to pull up the operation plans, discovering that there was no extraction plan in place for Ward or Fitz.

Skye was then discovered by Coulson, who reprimanded her for hacking S.H.I.E.L.D., reminding her that he had promised her he would look into her past himself. Skye explained that she had been looking into Ward and Fitz instead and notified Coulson of the lack of extraction, although Coulson told her that she should trust the system and learn to keep secrets. Skye then sought out May, who decided to take the Bus and extract Ward and Fitz herself, only for Coulson to join them.

After the team worked with Victoria Hand to capture T. Vanchat, she took charge on board the Bus for the search for Coulson. Skye attempted to pursue a lead by hacking into Vanchant's financial account to trace Centipede's payments, but it shut down all the computers due to the Tracking Bracelet, and she was discovered by Hand. Annoyed by her, Hand ordered for Skye to be removed off the Bus, which May backed up, claiming that she was of no use on the plane. Before Skye was sequestered by S.H.I.E.L.D., Grant Ward, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons helped her escape, giving her a satellite phone that she would be able to use once.

While on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye tried on her own to hack the financials but was met with similar success to her efforts on the Bus, so she attempted a different approach. After stealing Lloyd Rathman's car and breaking into his house, Skye impersonated May and forced Rathman to hack into Vanchat's account to find the transaction records. Once she acquired what she needed from Rathman, Skye discovered Centipede's Mojave Desert site and stole Rathman's other car to head there.

After the mission at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, the team was informed by John Garrett about a mysterious weapon in Jamaica. The team went to the town of Negril and found the weapon. After some skirmish with the guards they managed to get the weapon on board the Bus and fly off. Once they examined the weapon, Skye was able to hack the weapon's code and track its origin to the remote town of Limoux, France. Upon arriving in France, Leo Fitz was kidnapped, but turned on his tracker. The team touched down in Antarctica, saved Fitz, and detonated the weapon.[49]

As half the team went to Portland to capture Marcus Daniels, Skye and Eric Koenig discussed using NSA satellites to find the Fridge escapees, which he was against. When Grant Ward joined them, he supported Skye's idea, and asked about the hard drive, which she revealed had to be opened at a specific location. After Skye hacked into the satellites, she returned, where Ward told her that Melinda May had left, and they began to talk about their relationship with each other. When Ward opened up about himself, Skye comforted him and they kissed, but they stopped when she noticed blood on him.

As they sat in a booth, Skye pretended that she was decrypting the hard drive, but in reality was hacking into the Los Angeles Police Department's database and listed Ward as a terrorist fugitive, and tipping them off of his location to save herself. However, as she did so, Ward watched her, causing her to get nervous, so she lied, saying it was because of how things could go bad, like Mike Peterson, who she met in the same booth, was a good man and now a killer, just like they were FBI's most wanted.

Before they left, the agents discussed them going into a military facility to obtain the Obelisk, which some were doubtful of, but Coulson told them this mission was make or break for them. After did a Skye hack to get them into the facility, the team entered the warehouse and began to search for the Obelisk. After Harlety found the Obelisk, she was attacked by Creel, but when she touched the alien artifact, it began to hurt her, so they went to back her up, and Skye noticed the Obelisk had the same markings as the Words of Creation.

When Skye asked about Grant Ward's status, Coulson had nothing, but asked Skye to hack into Sunil Bakshi's phone to see if she could find anything. Coulson then called the senior agents together to explain what had been happening with him, and that he was better now, having put all the pieces together. However, he noted that HYDRA was also trying to do the same thing, but S.H.I.E.L.D. was at an advantage, having the answers to the Words of Creation, so they set out to find the city. As Skye hacked into Bakshi's phone, she was called by Ward, who promised that they will see each other again.[64]

Once the EMP would blackout the base, the satellite relaying station would activate, which was easier to infiltrate. With everything in motion, the team went to infiltrate the station, with Skye staying on the Bus to hack the satellite feeds to find the city. Once the Kaena base fell, Skye notified the team, but their connection was disrupted. After Skye was gained access, she began the search, and Coulson and Fitz returned with an wounded Triplett. Before they could tell her what happened, the city was found.[40] On the trip back to the Playground, Skye had a nightmare; afterwards she had an uneasy feeling about what would happen upon entering the city.[10]

Skye was in her cell, guarded by one of Alisha Whitley's duplicates, but she later was freed by Alphonso Mackenzie. He told her how many agents the Inhumans had killed and captured. He also asked her for her hacking skills. The two noticed the emergency beacon that was sent to all S.H.I.E.L.D. channels and they realized that Jiaying wanted to use the Terrigen Crystals to call to as many of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as possible and execute them. They went to shut down the beacon. On their way, Mackenzie assured her that her mother's betrayal was not her fault. He sent Skye to hack into the computer systems to shut down the emergency signal while he went in search of equipment.


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