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    Time is running out! With leaders around the world openly expressing a greater allegiance to things like war, mis-appropriation of resources (Click on the following links for examples). Water: While Arizona's people face a water shortage, a Saudi Arabian-owned farm is allowed as much free water as it needs; Flint Michigan citizens continued to be poisoned because our government would rather send billions to Ukraine than change the pipes.  Food:  Bill Gates is one of America's biggest farmland ownersDutch farmers losing their land under the guise of climate change regulation. Shelter: Increasing homelessness in America: Yet another reason why the American government should forego sending billions to Ukraine; America is becoming a third-world country. Now, consider the past four plus decades and the fact that leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and more have been in Congress and/or the Senante since the 80's. In that time, has America trended up or down for the majority? Has it trending up or down for most of the people you know... In which direction has it trended and is it trending for your... Even if you're well off or rich, you are fair game, because once the poor have been bled dry, they will be coming for the middle class... Oh, wait, that's happening already, just look at rent and housing prices. And, as for the upper class, the buffer of the middle class is shrinking day by day.

    And, unlike in the past where the citizens who suffer under a dictator might be saved by other high-minded countries, this is becoming less likely in today's global economy.  The problems we face here are not limited to the United States of America, as leaders around the world indicate their desire, regardless of the deisres of their people is to ignore diplomatic resolutions in the face of war ... Here, Annalena Baerbock, Germany's foreign minister says she doesn't care what her people want (or need since Germany faces a harsh winter due to Russian sanctions), she will continue to send arms to Ukraine... why not seek peace?

    There is something wrong with the world, but none of the biggest issues are being addressed by any of the major or even minor news sources. Whether you love or hate Trump, he didn NOT put America in the precarious position of going to war with Russia and China, Biden created the former with Russian sanctions and Pelosi the latter with an unwarranted, unsanctioned and unnecessary trip toTaiwan.

    As for the part that the rest of us have played in this decline, we all must take responsibility for ignoring the inevitable push towards inequality, ecological catastrophy, famine, drought, economic failure and more. In this, I too must take responsibiiity, which I hoped to do when writing my book Solutions: Enough Complaining. Let's Fix America.  In it, I sought to provide historical context, insight and resolution for all of the problems we face these days.  Growing tired of suppossed news sources only presenting the issues (in the most biased and dishonest ways) without providing solutions to a single one. 

    My biggest regret being that I did not write the book sooner.  I didn't pay attention to the way in the world was trending, which in hidsight was negative.  I assumed that some leader or group would come along and enact ploicies that would benefit the masses.  This idea has obviously not panned out and for certain will never pan out unless people make a concerted and collective effort to make it happen.  My greatest hope now is that others don't make the same mistake I did and they instead take action to reverse the trends of war, inequity, unsustainability and malevolence.  It 's my hope that people read "Solutions. Enough complaining. Let's fix America!" or at least practise what is spelled out in the book... Compare and contrast what you (WE) are being told by our "leaders" to what you (WE) see in the world.

Chris Ossman

August 29,2022


    Have you ever wondered why nothing improves your life significantly whether you vote republican or democrat?  Have you seen how fast government moves when laws benefit the wealthy as political leaders tell us that government turns slowly like a cruise ship?  Have you considered the fact that some of our current political leaders have been in office since the 1970’s (Orrin Hatch, Patrick Leahy, Don Young) and the 1980’s (Chris Smith, Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, and more) but wages in America have only increased from $6.27 (1979) to $7.25 (2015) while the cost of everything else like housing has risen dramatically from $71,800 (1979) to $382,500 (2015)?

    If you haven’t guessed by now, "Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America." offers exactly what the title inplies.  In its 280 pages "Solutions" offers answers to the questions referenced above as well as suggestions that could help end the cycle of voting for the lesser of two evils while voting against our own best interests.  Utilizing humor, insight, and facts from a plethora of sources representing all political parties in America, "Solutions" not only highlights the biggest issues facing America and the world, but presents answers to the same.  While this book may or may not offer final resoluton(s) to all of America's woes, it does provide starting points for an enlighted electorate.

    Discover why our current leaders not only CANNOT, but WILL NOT resolve the biggest problems plaguing America and the World.  Get the Android version of Solutions: Enough Complaining. Let's Fix America! here on the Google Play Store or help save America by clicking on the following link to get the paperback version here Solutions: Enough Complaining. Let's Fix America!

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