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Prediction:  When the real economy (the economy of everyone except the rich) fails, Trump will campaign on America's need to re-elect him as the "War President".  It worked for that war criminal George W. Bush (who was deemed an idiot by the press until 9/11), so why not deceive the Public once again.

Long Story Short... Trump's War

कर को छोड़कर
  • Returns available as long as the following criteria are met:

    1. Returned (post-marked) within 10 days of delivery.
    2. The product(s) is in good condition.
    3. Purchaser pays for shipping.
    4. Provide photograph(s) of the damaged product or packaging upon receipt of merchandise.
  • All tee shirts from Miksons Entertainment are shipped out new.  If there is an issue with the tee-shirt when delivered (the shirt is damaged), please document (photograph) and submit photograph when requesting a refund.

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