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An Odd Assortment of Unrelated Tales


    A collection of short tales about Life, Death and what possibly comes afterwards.  From the coming of age tale "As Life Goes By" to the award-winning tale of "The Profiler", this compilation will entertain and terrify all.

If you like "The Profiler", look for the "Serial Serial", which is the first book in "The Profiler" series.

As Life Goes By - is about a man who relives his life and ponders what comes next.

Choices - is the story of a man who questions his beliefs and sets out to rediscover his faith.

Debts Don't Die - A man wakes up with amnesia in the hospital only to realize that he put himself there when he tried to escape his debts by committing suicide.

When We Ruled the World - details how one young boy deals with a new school, new friends and new problems.

The Second Coming - When mankind is in need of a savior, The Messiah returns.  In the jaded society that has evolved since his last visit, will his message get through this time?

The Profiler - Doctor McCleod profiles criminals, but with a  twist.

Short Shorts

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