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T-Shirts that speak your mind for you 

Political divisiveness harms the 99 percent, not the 1 percent - Want to start a conversation or shut one down?  Would you like to dispell any and all doubts as to where you stand on some of Humanity's biggest issues?  (See article or blurb below to understand the rationale behind Truth Tees)

The catalyst for Truth Tees was to start a dialogue that has been missing in the American discourse for far too many years. Over the past few decades, the population of the United States of America has grown so atomized that speaking to someone outside of your "tribe", be it red or blue, conservative or progressive, rich or middle class or poor is as effective as dancing past a graveyard while whistling Dixie:  It might be entertaining but your entire audience is dead.  The irony today is that those you consider part of your "tribe" are the ones more likely to cause you harm.  Not only because of the proximity and access that your cohorts have to you but because you are more likely to forgive their bad behavior than you would accept the good behavior of a complete stranger.  As an example, consider the contradiction(s) between the words and actions of a leader you admire and support and the reality of what you see in your life... in the real world.  In 2018, 2019 and now in 2020, claims like “The economy is doing great. . .” sounded quite empty when 50 percent of the American workforce made thirty thousand dollars or less per year, sound evermore empty when forty-four percent of working Americans only made $18,000 per year and will sound desperate when both of these statistics sound good in retrospect.


When America’s first black president receives the Nobel Peace Prize before taking America from two wars (the illegal, immoral and unjustifiable one in Afghanistan and the one based on known lies in Iraq) to seven wars, is Donald Trump's presidency that surprising?  When Congress seeks to impeach the same, allegedly crazy president that they gave more military funding than asked for, can the Public be blamed for losing faith in that Congress?

Why is it that the Government moves slow ("like a cruise ship.") when its policies would benefit the majority but are passed very quickly ("like a speedboat") when the policy or policies (GW Bushes tax cuts which were made permanent by Obama and Trump's 2017 tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthy) only benefit the rich? 


Who wins when American leaders only represent the wealthy?  For one, not the majority of Americans, for two, not America itself, because A Nation only persists as long as a majority stands behind said Nation and as has been the case of every single empire in history, once that belief wanes, the Nation crumbles, falls and is relegated to historical texts.  For this reason, Miksons Entertainment created the Truth Tees.  Whether the issue you wish to address be social or political, a Truth Tee could be the right fit for you.


America has become so divisive over the past few years and the only viewpoints that seem consistently rise about the din are those pushed by wealthy individuals and corporations.  Why is that?... How is that?  Because those viewpoints in no way enhance the lives of those who are not wealthy.  How is it that the loudest speech in America is always that speech which is backed by the most money?  Money does not seem to be making "America Great Again", it only seems to be dividing the country with the possible outcomes being so divergent in the outcome as one would think possible.


As an example, I offer the debate on climate change:  If those who seek to green the planet are incorrect, we've wasted a lot of money on "unnecessary" renewable technology, but if the other side is incorrect, we've lost the only habitat in which we can live.  From my phrasing of this example, it must be apparent upon which side of the argument I fall, but this is an example of the dire nature of the debates that we should be undertaken before we no longer have an option.  As far as wasting money on renewable energy technology, I would present the fact that we have spent trillions on war and what has been the benefit of that?  Trillions have gone to the banks that crashed our economy and who, other than the banksters who have personally become billionaires since 2008?

While most seem unwilling to listen to the viewpoints of anyone other than the rich, we put each other at a greater disadvantage.  To reunite our people, Miksons Entertainment offers its customers their own personal billboards to speak volumes to the World.  Let your voice be heard, because THAT is one of the most patriotic things you can do as an American citizen

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