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Arguments American leaders have used that don't add up - JOB CREATORS

If the job of a Job Creator is to create jobs, why then do they get paid when they don't?

Even in those times when unemployment is high the "Job CREATORS" (AKA, The rich) get paid in the form of tax breaks. While many of you won't view tax breaks as income, imagine how much money you'd be able to keep in your pocket if your effective tax rate dropped from 22% down to 10%. If you made the median American salary in 2022 of $45,750 you would have kept $41,175 taxed at 10% as opposed to $34,685 taxed at 22%. Maybe some would argue that the extra tax paid goes to programs to help the needy, but you'd be hard-pressed to prove that because bringing home less than $50,000 in today's America make you one of the needy unless you live in your parent's basement as has become a favorite demographic of so many liberal leaders.

Enough about you, however, let's get back to those job creators. Let's look at one of America's biggest job creators, Walmart. Yes, they have created plenty of jobs... Or, did they? Do you think Walmart could have or would have opened so many stores across the country if they had no one to whom they could sell their products? Maybe those consumers who, so eagerly bought up the cheap DVD players and groceries made it feasible for Walmart to open a new store in every corner of the United States. Maybe the consumers were and still are the real job creators. Maybe the consumers or the majority should receive the tax breaks instead of the rich or maybe the rich should simply pay their fair share. After all is said and done, the extra income the rich get to keep does little to change their lives (more money in the bank, not helping the economy), but would significantly help millions of Americans during these times of ever-increasing inflation. So, in essence, the rich only create jobs after the consumers give them reasons to create those jobs. Why is it then that only one of these cohorts gets credit (tax breaks) for creating those jobs?

Secondly, let's look at another way in which Walmart's job creation activities benefit from the taxes we all pay. In 2014, a study came out and determined that the average benefit Walmart stores in America received due to the welfare their employees needed was one (1) million dollars. Due to the poverty wages Walmart paid then, it's employees had to receive welfare to survive. In other words, an employee of Walmart was on SNAP or some other form of assistance because they didn't earn enough at their full-time Walmart job to pay for groceries, gas, rent, etc.. So many Walmart employees relied on government programs that Walmart paid on average one (1) million dollars LESS than they would have had to pay if they paid their employees living wages. What the hell kind of country allows one if it's biggest employers to have a business model that pays such low wages as to keep it's workforce impoverished? That sounds like bad business but it smells like Capitalism.

So, Walmart created all of these jobs around the country, putting local stores out of business. While this may simply sound like the price of doing business, it's proven not to be worth the price because it only tells half the story. You see, after putting the mom and pop stores out of business, Walmart became the only job creators in many small towns. And, once it was the main employer in those towns, paying wages too low for those townspeople to afford the necessities, let alone the cheap products sold by Walmart, that store was closed. All across America, Walmart shuttered the stores where this job creators had impoverished the citizenry and wrecked the economy. And there's the full story. The very entity that creates low-paying jobs that require Socialistic hand-outs from the Government also become job destroyers that leave broke (in more ways than one) towns where the people become an even greater burden on the system.

Nowadays it's the tech industry that is following in Walmart's footsteps as the layoffs compound. In the cities that Silicon Valley built, the original residents can't afford the inflated housing prices and now, neither can the thousands if not tens of thousands of employees who no longer have jobs. Maybe those former tech employees can go sell cheap DVD players. All part of the circle of life.

Maybe, instead of giving "Job Creators" (some who don't create any jobs at all) up front tax breaks, we should offer only those who do create jobs a temporary subsidy for every job they actually create. Not only would this expose the truth about whether the job creators are creating jobs, but it would stop the handouts that so many rich people don't deserve, providing more money for social safety nets that so many poor children need these days. As proposed in my book Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America, maybe we help small to medium-sized businesses out with their payrolls while they are getting established but allow them to succeed or fail based on their own merit and worthiness after a certain amount of time.

The Regaining American Democracy (RAD) dictionary word or phrase of the day is;

Out of your jaw - When your mouth moves faster than your mind

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