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Eye opener for February 06, 2024

Digital currency isn't on its way. It's here, but US leadership continues to resist its development and adoption. This may be a blessing in disguise as this attitude towards digital currencies is keeping the price of them all down. From Bitcoin to the most obscure cryptocurrency, America's demonization of these block technologies is allowing those who know and see the future of money and currency as be a digital one are grabbing up as much of them as is possible.

Whether the cryptocurrency be for use as a store of value like the king of cryptos Bitcoin or they be for product such as those like Helium which provides Internet service in a decentralized manner or Brave which offers greater privacy and a means to earn while surfing the Web, enthusiasts are googling it up while the majority of Americans lose wealth due to rampant inexplicable inflation, America is losing ground by resisting the inevitable. Americans will lose our because innovators are getting support from other countries while American leadership seems to regulate Web3 out of existence. It's a losing battle as the following story details. Click here

The UAE just used their CBDC to send 13 million to China. Even though the US put FEDNow into operation last July the US has done next to nothing to promote digital currency. As a matter of fact, many of the major financial advisors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have demonized cryptocurrencies as rat poison which most Americans associate all digital currencies. And worse still, bank CEO like Jaime Dimon have praised cryptocurrencies only to demonize them and then praise them to demonize them again which makes most Americans ignore the changes that will have a major impact on their future wealth. While the rest of the world seems ways to move into the future, America's leaders resist the inevitable which will prove deleterious for majority of its citizens.

In 2018, I wrote a book highlighting the problems Humanity would face if more power, wealth, and control was funneled to a small group of elite individuals, groups, or organizations. In my book, I provided solutions (from myself and others) to the inevitable problems and also a means for the Public to analyze, compare, and contrast the words and deeds of those we choose to follow against reality. In my book Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America.

In "Solutions...", I provide the means for readers to disseminate information as provided by their news sources of choice, their elected officials, and any other authority they choose to follow. The book also offers a means to hold their leaders up, not just to a higher standard than is currently accepted but to one that would improve their lives and the lives of those for whom they care.

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