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Eye opener for January 14, 2024

Can a species advance at its highest pace if a majority is denied the opportunity to be their best version possible?

If higher education is limited to the one percent or fewer who can afford it, can those with passion but without access to knowledge really move the needle as far as they might? In my eyes, higher education provides a platform upon which subsequent generations can build. This next generation can avoid the mistakes and capitalize on the successes of their predecessors. And, if the profit motivation is removed, a more honest exploration and innovation can be attained. Of course the desire to be recognized will remain but to add greed on top can only further inhibit sharing of ideas amongst your peers. As an example, imagine a group of one hundred individuals who are part of a community seeking nothing but the means to survive. Now, imagine that only one member (a shaman) of this group (one percent) has access to the knowledge of that groups's forefathers. Not only does this group run the risk of losing that knowledge if the singular source of information dies, it also loses the possibility that another member may be able to capitalize on said information in ways the shaman never considered. Let's say the shaman doesn't realize that knapping a stone could be used to fashion a weapon as well as a cooking utensil so when lions attack, the group has a way to defend themselves... Limiting access to knowledge, limits the group

In 2018, I wrote a book highlighting the problems Humanity would face if more power, wealth, and control was funneled to a small group of elite individuals, groups, or organizations. In my book, I provided solutions (from myself and others) to the inevitable problems and also a means for the Public to analyze, compare, and contrast the words and deeds of those we choose to follow against reality. In my book Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America.

In "Solutions...", I provide the means for readers to disseminate information as provided by their news sources of choice, their elected officials, and any other authority they choose to follow. The book also offers a means to hold their leaders up, not just to a higher standard than is currently accepted but to one that would improve their lives and the lives of those for whom they care.

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