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Eye opener for July 11, 2023

Does Capitalism evoke loyalty? I don't think so. How could it when it's primary and really only goal is profit?

Why else would corporations from North America send so many manufacturing jobs to countries like Mexico decades ago then send those same jobs to countries like India years later? And, why would those same corporations then bring some of those manufacturing jobs back to the United States at nearly half the wages across the board? How does paying your countrymen half the rate in wages benefit your countrymen and women when the price for most things has doubled, if not tripled?... It does NOT. It only help your corporation which will send those same manufacturing jobs across borders or over seas yet again when more profit can be made elsewhere. Rinse and repeat.

If people show no loyalty to your country and actually causes harm to it, they are labeled a traitors. Why aren't disloyal corporations which in America are labeled as "people" NOT labeled as traitors as well. If a corporation uses its money as "free speech" as determined by ruling like Citizen's United to influence politicians to pass laws that hurt flesh and blood people, how is that different then yelling "fire" in a crowded theater when there is no theater? The corporation just wanted a better seat in the theater. Who cares if people got trampled and died because of their actions..

We, the people of the world should care, because it is this same attitude that is pushing military contractors to influence laws makers in so many countries to continue forever wars or to start new conflicts under the guise of Humanitarianism or Democracy. "Forced" Democracy feels like an oxymoron and bombing for peace sounds immoral at best and criminal to any one getting blown up for profit. But, hey. How else are weapons manufacturers going to move product growing dust on the shelf? How else are arms manufacturers going to sign new contracts to develop weapons of greater mass destruction if every country is at peace?

One last thought. Why do American leaders keep shunning peace agreements in places like Ukraine when they don't seem to have any plans to end conflicts in those countries? Why are China and Russia the bad guys when they try to attain resolution while America and western countries claim to be the good guys while starting wars in so many places? Do your own search and look up the number of conflicts or wars the United States is in and compare and contrast that with the number in which China and Russia are involved. Then as why is the West provoking war with nuclear powers and who benefits, because we all lose.

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