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Eye opener for July 18, 2023

Why is it okay for American leadership to start foreign wars that seem to never benefit the countries or citizens of those countries that America is supposedly fighting for but it's not okay to question the morality, justification or legality of those wars?

For my entire adult life as an American, I have been demonized for opposing any wars that I questioned. When we went to war with Iraq for alleged weapons of mass destruction that not only did not exist, but were known not to ever exist by American leaders, including President George W. Bush, I question the validity of evidence provided by said leaders. Those same leaders told us they had evidence but could provide it for national security reasons. That evidence was proven never to have existed, but GW Bush is not in prison, while there are hundreds of thousands of Americans incarcerated for killing fewer than 10 people. Maybe we should put the person who killed hundreds of thousands to a million Iragis in prison as well. We've had Secretaries of State who have claimed killing half a million children from a foreign land was worth the cost to preserve American security. If anything it's seems that Madeleine Albright's bloodthirsty belief would seem to make us less safe because if America blew up my child, I would be getting angry.

And, now American leaders are pushing war with Russia through the proxy Ukraine. How does pitting nuclear capable countries like Russia and China against the United States supposed to keep Americans safe? And, why do people get so angry at me when I ask questions like the one mentioned above? It seems to me that the questions should be asked before a war instead of after one.

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