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Eye opener for July 3, 2023

This is why I find it so odd that people don't have a healthy fear of AI. Just imagine a human born who can think a thousand, tens of thousands, millions times or even a billion times faster than any other human ever born. Then imagine if that super evolved person created their own offspring and made that offspring e little smarter than they were and this process happened way faster than humans can procreate. In a very short amount of time there would be "people" who couldn't relate to how slowly we process data. We would initially appear to be a burden because we would appear mentally impaired. Eventually, the advanced people might even looks at us the way we look at all other creatures on Earth... as something over which they have dominion.

Think about it like this. Look at how few people actually know how cell phone work, but so many people believe they can't live without them. We find mates on the phone. We order food on the phone. We get products and services delivered and provided, respectively, but few people could actually repair a phone if given all of the prefabricated parts and I would dare say no one person could build a phone if given all of the raw materials.

Humans are using technology of which we have no clue, but I'd be willing to bet the ChatGPT will soon not only be able to repair a cell phone but also build one from scratch and that cell phone would probably be smarter than the rest of us

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