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Eye opener for July 31, 2023

Capitalism, the economic system currently failing most Americans is only two (2) steps away from slavery. Between the two economic systems mentioned there was feudalism where a small minority of people owned a large majority of everything and the rest of us basically rented out all the stuff owned by that small minority.

While feudalism was a completely different economic system, Capitalism today seems to be mimicking it. With world leaders like Klaus Schwab proposing a "Great" reset in which "You will own nothing and be happy.", the world seems to be, at least in an economic sense, moving backwards.

It seems to me that the World's future economic system more closely represents a neo-feudalism than it represents something new. When they claim that no one will own anything, they are lying because someone must always be in possession of something or at least in control of that something which is practically the same as owning that something. Consider something like a public library. Supposedly they are owned by everyone in the community, which may be the case theoretically. Who however controls that library? Who controls the books that are stocked on library shelves? Who controls the reading programs and other activities that take place in and around those libraries? If you don't know, I'll tell you: A small group of community leaders control every aspect of those libraries, including who has access to those facilities. This is why the claims that you'll own nothing and be happy are lies.

In America, we have been lulled into the belief that life is great, which was and is still true for many people. The other half of that truth is that life is not so great for an ever-increasing number of people who are already living with the idea that "You will own nothing...." but missing out all the happiness promised by people like Schwab. Homelessness is just one of the results of owning nothing and it's impact is being felt by more people worldwide as the elites push is all towards their vision of an economy in which they control every aspect of our lives.

People like Schwab aren't going to stop themselves, it might even be more accurate to say that they CAN'T stop themselves, so it is up to the rest of us to stop them from repeating the failures of history. We must stop their march towards neo-feudalism because the next step back is neo-slavery.

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