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Eye opener for June 21, 2023

Why do so many in America look down on unions? I get the idea that there's corruption in unions, but there's corruption, rampant corruption in politics and people keep supporting that corrupt system. The thing about union is however is that, while you may have to pay union dues, you still make more money and you enjoy more benefits.

While union leaders may not always do what's right, the solution to that issue is simple... Replace them by voting them out of office. Otherwise enjoy the trend that I noticed as manufacturing was trying to return to America years ago... The new, non-union employees usually made about half of those unionized employees doing the same work while standing right next to the non-union employees.

The idea of collective bargaining is either so complex that no one could ever comprehend it or it's as simple if an analogy as a 7 foot giant beating up a single 5 foot tall guy but getting taken down by twenty 5 foot tall guys. Don't allow the rich and powerful to take away your rights due to a self-imposed ignorance

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