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Eye opener for June 22, 2023

Even if you admire and think billionaires deserve to be billionaires, do you think their wealth should be at the expense of the millions who suffer due to inequality?

When I say millions, I am not being hyperbolic. The wealth that billionaires possess not only directly impacts the masses by limiting resources but the power and influence the wealthy have over those tasked with leading the nation.

In America, the policies and laws that get put forward by both parties benefit the wealthy to a degree that implies that there is no Democracy in the United States of America. While the rich supporting and influencing politicians that support their agenda makes sense for the rich, it does little to improve the lives of the majority. You see, the rich not only want to maintain the wealth they have, they also want to increase it. One likely reason for this illogical need to increase their wealth falls under the dog eat dog requirement of Capitalism. In Capitalism, if you're not growing, you're dying, which is to say that, if your company is getting bigger and swallowing up the competition, the competition is getting bigger and will swallow you up. And, it can't be that this belief or paranoia only persists in the corporate world. It has to be something that individual is in that world believe as well, because the elite haven't stopped at merely making the poor poorer, they have moved onto making the middle class poorer as well. Once the middle class are poor, who do you think they'll go after next. It's like the game Monopoly, or that movie Highlander. "There can only be one."

What the rich fail to understand is that, like the game Monopoly, when one player has all of the money, the game is over. The remaining players move on to something else. In the real world, this is all playing out as countries around the globe turn against the dollar. Sanctioning so many nations around the planet, as America does, has forced those nations to choose to use some other Monopoly money for their transactions. India, buying Russian oil at whatever price Russia seeks, Saudi Arabia deciding to settle it's oils sales in currencies other than the US Dollar, the BRICSS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and South America) working on its own currencies as a means to settle trade all point towards the need to extracate themselves from beneath America's hegemonic thumb.

As for individuals needs, we the people will find the need to extracate ourselves from the rule imposed by money and the whims of those who horde it evermore pressing as they deny us the resources that become more scares due to the machinations of a few billionaires.

People better wake up to facts such as the following or the majority of Humanity is facing a future that is indeed very bleak. Why should Bill Gates own more farmland than any farmer in America? Why should Dutch ranchers have to cut down on the head of cattle they can raise when this would put them out of business? Why should governments be able to force lockdowns for everyone except the rich who continued their mask-free lifestyles as they saw fit? Why should Americans believe the economy is great when prices keep rising and the only thing that causes wages to increase sufficiently (or not so sufficiently) is a Pandemic that appears to have been created by the same Government tasked with our security? People are getting rich off of your ignorance. Maybe it's time to wake up and get enlightened.

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