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Eye opener for June 23, 2023

Consider the following: A nation is a manmade construct. There are no natural that enforce the idea of America. Hell, the name America isn't even what the people native to this land called it, so "America" couldn't be anything other than a manmade construct.

So, if a nation like America is a manmade construct, there has to be a consensus as to what that nation comprises and of what it is comprised. In other words, what makes a nation a nation? First and foremost, a nation most be something in which those claiming said nation must believe or at least if not all members of said nation, a majority.

While the concept of a nation may be conceived by a minority, I doubt that any nation was or could ever be formed from a minority of it's populatio The masses must agree to the idea of a nation for it to exist if it's citizens felt that their nation not longer held their values or offered those things a nation is expected to provide.

In America, more people are falling into poverty. While some May be at fault for their situations, there is no way that millions can be blamed for the entirety of the problems they face in today's America. When you have banks being bailed out almost every time they create their own crises, it's hard to believe 5.1 million homeowners were the cause of their homes to go into foreclosure in 2008--2009. When, not a single banker who lead the economic collapse in the early 2000's gets indicted, prosecuted, tried or convicted for fraud, it beggars belief that we live under a system that Governs judicially or in anything resembling a moral manner. The most recent proof, at least for me, that our Government is failing to look out for our best interests is the 1% down loans that mortgage companies like Rocket are offering to those seeking to buy a new home. To this I ask, if in America where most Americans can't afford a $1,000 dollar emergency, how could someone who can only put down $2,000 dollars in a $200,000 dollar home not be expected to go into default? Say, you come up with the $2,000 dollars (that's equivalent to first and last to rent an apartment). What happens when you miss that first payment? Do you pay $4,000 plus late fees next month. This all feels like the same practice that "buy here. Pay here" car dealerships exhibit. In those scenerios, the dealer sells the buyer a car for which they can cover the down payment. They pay a few payments on the car then it gets repossessed and the dealer sells the same car to someone else. The dealer makes a profit by selling the same car over and over again, but now it's a house that will be sold over and over again and, this is a practice that our Government not only allows but is one in which it is actively participating through Freddi Mac and Fannie Mae.

The examples listed above do not represent a nation that is looking out for its citizens but one that actively forces them to deny. The things we see occurring in America, will eventually push Americans past a tipping point where belief in the nation known as the United States of America is impossible and like all manmade constructs or ideas in which no one believes will cease to exist.

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