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Eye opener for June 29, 2023

They failed to mention that 15 of the 19 hijackers from 911 were from Saudi Arabia for two decades, so what other details were mis-reported on that day.

They failed to report that all of the evidence from the World's biggest crime on 911 was shipped to China to be destroyed within days.

They failed to uncover the lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which led to war, an act of violence that could only be topped if aliens threatened Earth.

They failed to report that, while America was suffering through an opioid epidemic that every year killed as many Americans that died in the ten years of the Vietnam war, the American military controlled the largest supply of Opioids.

They fail to really get across the fact that banks like Well Fargo continually commit acts of fraud against it's own clients.

So, why would anyone think the Main Stream Media could get anything right about COVID

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