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Eye opener for March 12, 2024: If corporate money represents free speech, why doesn't mine?

If corporate money donated to a political campaign represents that corporation exercising it's right to free speech, why doesn't me NOT paying my taxes not represent me exercising my right to free speech?

I don't want to pay for all of the wars my government is paying for with my tax dollars. I want my tax dollars to pay to house, fees and clothe the poor, but it's not going to issues like that, so my right to free speech through the money I pay in taxes is being stifled.

If there is a difference (other than the disparity in the amount I pay in taxes and the amount corporations donate to political campaigns) I would love to hear what that difference is in the comments.

In 2018, I wrote a book highlighting the problems Humanity would face if more power, wealth, and control was funneled to a small group of elite individuals, groups, or organizations. In my book, I provided solutions (from myself and others) to the inevitable problems and also a means for the Public to analyze, compare, and contrast the words and deeds of those we choose to follow against reality. In my book Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America.

In "Solutions...", I provide the means for readers to disseminate information as provided by their news sources of choice, their elected officials, and any other authority they choose to follow. The book also offers a means to hold their leaders up, not just to a higher standard than is currently accepted but to one that would improve their lives and the lives of those for whom they care.

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