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Eye opener for October 16, 2023

One of the best indicators of a nations health, strength and sustainability is arguavky the life expectancy of its citizens. In countries where the standard of living is improving, the life expectancy of its citizens is increasing.

I don't remember the year but I remember the message was implied when, for the first time in decades, the average American's lifespan had stopped expanding in the 50's and was instead contracting, meaning people were dying younger. Since then, the trend has not reversed as shown in a new study

You can read the abstract here. This is just one of the trends I point to when people call me the Doomsayer. To the accusation, I always ask what trends or data they are looking at that says other. I ask them how would they know that something this issue needed attention or that problem needed to be solved if not for Doomsayers like me raising red flags about those issues and problems? Inevitably, those accusing me of irrational negativity and fear provide no proof to the contrary but maintain that I am too pessimistic for my own good.

To a certain extent, I have been vindicated as the signs of collapse proliferate throughout the American Empire. Too many metrics pertaining to too many Americans show that more and more people in the richest country ever are stumbling closer to the poverty line. In my mind however, this awakening is coming a little too late and it is still taking too long to spread amongst the masses.

This all lines up with my believe that "The plight you ignore could become your fate". Something I can present through the following anecdote. I know people who are fairly well off. The father worked one of the largest accounting firms in the world. He was a pretty high ranking officer in that company when he retired and a couple of his children followed him into that same business at that same accounting firm. The children moved to and worked out of a New York branch of the company and lived in a fairly expensive rental. This all sounds idyllic until one of the children decides they no longer want to live in New York and we're thinking about finding an apartment elsewhere and transferring within the company to a new city. When asked if this child planned on moving back home, the child expressed her doubts due to the high cost of rentals that dominated the rental market back home. While this may sound like the story of so many young people today, this one stuck out in mily mind, because this child grew up in the upper-middle class. Just a few years ago, housing costs were not a concern. Now, however, like a growing number of the middle class, people whom it seemed would be able to stay afloat are now in the same sinking boat as the rest of us The plight was ignored and now it is their fate

Almost as troubling as the declining lifespan and wealth is for most Americans is the fact that neither is being addressed by a single elected officials on national level and very few on the local level. And even more troubling than that is the fact the the media has failed to cover studies like the one referenced above or issues like the ever-increasing wealth disparity in the United States.

American leaders are too concerned about their own corruption to worry about the fates of their constituents and the American people are too concerned about defining what a man and a woman are, mandating others to recognizing whatever someone wants to identify themselves as, sending Ukrainians to oblivion and more to be distracted by the possibility of another world war (with nukes this time), the confiscation of land destroyed by the fires in Maui, the chemical poisoning of Palestine Ohio, the kes-poisoned waters of Flint Michigan.

America used to set the standard and serve as an example to the World. Maybe that's why the World is so messed up.

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