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Eye opener for October 28, 2023

How is it that few (if any) economists that you see on main stream financial channels refute things like the claim that during COVID-19 lockdowns in the U.S., Americans had more money? How could Americans have more money when they couldn't work and the Government only gave out $4000 dollars for the year?

Why didn't main stream media economist realize that printing 5 trillion dollars plus (40% of all dollars every printed) during COVID-19 would cause severe inflation in America? Why didn't any of them point out that giving most of that 5 trillion to the rich would more harm than food to the economy? Why didn't any of those economists think that giving most of that money to the poor and middle class would at least stimulated the economy because the poor and middle class would need to spend it while the rich would simply hoard it in their coffers?

I've heard that economic course taught in American colleges are taught in a way that disproportionately benefits the rich, because those colleges are funded by the rich. Whether true or not, the rumor sure seems to be true, because main stream media economists and Federal Reserve Chairmen and women like Powell and Yellen sure seems out of touch with real world economics.

In 2018, I wrote a book highlighting the problems Humanity would face if more power, wealth, and control was funneled to a small group of elite individuals, groups or organizations. In my book, I provided solutions (from myself and others) to the inevitable problems and also a means for the Public to analyze, compare and contrast the words and deeds of those we choose to follow against reality. In my book Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America.

In "Solutions...", provide the means for readers to disseminate information as provided by their news sources of choice, their elected officials, and any other authority they chose to follow. The book also offers a means to hold their leaders up, not just to a higher standard than is currently accepted but to one that would improve their lives and the lives of those they care for.

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