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Eye opener for September 11, 2023

Every problem in the world that has a monetary component can be tied back to greed and the greedy bastards causing the problems. Maybe the populace should join forces against the greedy elites especially when they're billionaires pledging ten million of our dollars to help the survivors of the Maui fires by funding non-profits where the CEO and president make over $300,000 per year

Where is the charity when a seemingly charitable act like providing donations to people who have recently gone through what is likely the most devasting event in their lifetime. Oprah and Mr. Johnson, how can an organization be considered a non-profit when those running it are becoming rich from their efforts? When even "charity" acts are made extremely profitable, what isn't tainted by the stench of greed?

What relation do other problems in the world have to the greed of the elite? While racism is a legitimate problem, is the extent to which the media claims it to be a problem real? Remember when all the main stream news sources couldn't stop covering the racist statues being torn down across America? Did the destruction of those statues improve the economic plight of the races whose ancestors were impacted by the evil acts committed by the subject of said statue? Given that those races impacted are poorer today then they were before the statue's destruction, could it all have been a distraction? Could all the money printed during the Pandemic been a problem that has had a greater, negative impact on all Americans? In light of the fact that printing five trillion dollars and given it directly to the rich did nothing but inflate the necessities of life further out of reach for more Americans, shouldn't news sources have reported more on that than the destruction of statues? In my opinion, the very least that should have happened is that the five trillion could have been distributed in a way that at least stimulated the economy. Instead of giving the majority of the five trillion to the ultra rich who don't need it and most likely just stored it with their other wealth, wouldn't it have made more sense to give that money to those people who would put it into the economy? The poor and fading middle class would have at least spent that money because they needed to spend that money. In the latter distribution that five trillion would have stimulated the economy on its way to some Elite's vault.

Americans need to stop being distracted by issues that ultimately only serve to segregate us, while allowing the rich to maintain and gain more control over more of our lives. The greatest enemy we all face is the growing inequality that impacts us all. Fix that issue first and solve so many other issues.

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