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Eye opener for September 13, 2023

Again, I reiterate. The biggest war Americans face is against their own government. Why else would the people of Maui NOT have received assistance for the fires yet. Why would the government be sending money instead to fight a proxy war across the globe in Ukraine?

One way in which Americans can analyze their government is for the people look at the manner in which the media reports on the government's emergency response to things like the Maui fires. If the government's response to those fires is adequate, news sources like CNN or the New York Times would be heaping praise on Joe Biden. If the government's response was lack luster or inadequate, those news sources would point that out... Come to think of it, where is the coverage of the aftermath of the Maui fires? Did the government already restore all of those homes already? Just wondering because CNN covered missing Malaysian flight MH370 for months and had an update 6 months ago and that flight disappeared 9 or 10 years ago. MH370 must have disappeared in the same media blackhole as the Maui fires. In their update, CNN even pointed out how the Australian government spent hundreds of millions of dollars to search for that plane. "Hey, CNN. How much has the U.S. government spent on Maui so far?

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