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Eye opener for September 27, 2023

Consider the following: Leaders from around the planet have done such a good job causing division amongst our peers that we can't even come together over some of our most basic needs.

When governments around the globe threaten the viability of farmers but a majority of the population come out to support the farmers, there is something wrong with society.

In America, our leaders have people so confused that we can't even tell what is a woman or a man. Americans can't even discern when it's military is being used to provide more profits for the rich because they've been propogandized to believe that forcing Democracy around the world is America's sole responsibility. Americans don't see any problem with providing a foreign land like Ukraine with weapons and billions of dollars for an obviously failed war against Russia while allowing the sacred land in Lahaina be stolen by the elites after a massive fire.

The world is not trending in a good direction and most of its leaders have been in their positions during its decline but people have been convinced that we should hate each instead of those who led us here. The hatred that Americans feel towards one another has a religious zealous to it in that little of it is based on reality or facts. We despise each other because our leaders tell us to despise each other not because we have committed some aggregious act or acts against one another. American are told that every presidential voting cycle is the most important one of their lifetime when the previous cycle supposedly fell under the same description and nothing significant has changed for most people since. And, worst still is that every time Americans vote, they are told to vote for the lesser of two evils, which in my opinion is still voting for evil.

If there is going to be any improvement on Earth, our current leaders have proven that it WILL NOT be brought about by them. Current world leaders have actually shown us that they are either inept or immoral malcontents who have no one's best interest in mind except their own. The real question for the rest of us to ask ourselves now is whether it's too late to stop them.

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