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Eye opener for September 6, 2023

It's so odd how things considered beyond the realm of possibilities are becoming reality. It ashame that these include the conspiracies that seemed to come out of the most outlandish spy novels.

There is a reason there fewer and fewer conspiracy theories and more and more conspiracies. When you can discover that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened, it makes you wonder why America engaged in Vietnam at all. When certain agencies in the government refuse to release all of the information about John F. Kennedy's assassination, it casts a fog over your leadership's believability. When you can learn of a plan to bomb Miami and blame Fidel Castro was concieved of by the American government, it makes you question the official narrative as to what really took place on 9/11 in New York. When more and more information comes out about the lies we were told during the Pandemic, you wonder if the opioid epidemic wasn't orchestrated by more than just the Sackler family.

And then there's the technology that is coming at us at an exponential rate. Humanity isn't handling the influx of cell phones too well and that's a technology that was almost inconceivable by most a mere 40 years ago. Now, we have robots that can outrun the fastest Olympic sprinter. We have robots that can create impressive works of art and music and will are moving steadfastly towards robots that will be able to think like us but process data at much higher rates than we ever could.

If the robots and artificial intelligence advancements aren't scary enough, think about the technology being developed to control the weather. Once the stuff if science fiction weather control technology is becoming reality as we speak. There are interviews in which Bill Gates talks about blocking out the Sun to cool the Earth... What could go wrong there?

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