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Eye opener for September 8, 2023

One quick way to determine the integrity, validity and veracity of your news source of choice is to look at it's history. For instance, the New Yorks times was so wrong about the necessity for America's second war with Iraq. Whether it was incompetence, immorality or a combination of the two, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that the New York Times got one of the biggest stories one could report on in a generation so wrong. Why would you ever blindly trust anything you read in its pages? A better plan would actually be to believe the opposite of what that paper reports. The best plan would be to verify a counter narrative put forth by other independents sources.

This philosophy could be used on any news source upon which you may rely. This is especially true for news sources that are owned or funded by very rich people. The recent war between Ukraine and Russia is a good example of when you might not want to just believe the official narrative, especially since the counter narrative diametrically opposes what is being presented by outlets like CNN, MSNBC, FOX and more. Either the independent sources are getting thatvstory very wrong or the Main Stream Media sources are. One factor to consider there however is that the MSM sources have gotten so many important stories wrong over the years by lies, obfuscation or distraction that your trust should be at an all time low.

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