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Eye opener for September 9, 2023

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

In America and many other western countries, leaders mandated the COVID vaccine and lockdowns. In Canada, they even blocked the truckers access to money donated to them in their fight against the authoritarian requirement of forced medical procedures entailing unproven vaccines.

As more proof comes out that the mandates were merely a way to boost profits for Pharmaceutical companies and lockdowns caused so many American businesses to fail, the masses should understand the importance that such a power grab had on Society. It only seems logical that citizens would understand forcing vaccinations under the threat of travel bans, job loss and many other restrictions transcends the implications of forced medical procedures. This understanding should be especially apparent given the history of forced medical treatments like those conducted during the Tuskegee experiments. The impacts on freedom should be especially apparent in countries like America where freedom is supposedly paramount.

If you doubt the veracity of my claims in the previous paragraph, consider this... what if, instead of a vaccine to stop COVID, we were told that we needed to poke out our eyes to stop a virus. I think the public would have demanded much more proof than was provided by Big Pharma for the COVID vaccines. And, to say poking your eyes out is more extreme than injecting chemicals into your body is to assume that the pharmaceutical companies did proper research to guarantee the SLsaftey of their vaccines. This, as we are discovering was not the case and those companies knew it was not the case. In fact those companies knew that they had never sufficiently tested their "vaccine" and we know that the last booster was only tested on eight mice before it was approved for use on humans. We also now know that the vaccines that so many us were forced to take to keep our jobs actually makes us more likely to become infected by the latest strain of COVID.

The CDC openly admitting that the vaccine makes one more susceptible to an Omicron variant begs the question as to why Joe Biden would recommend everyone get the latest booster. The fact that Pharmaceutical companies tried to legally suppress the vaccine test data for 75 years should make the Public weary of anything Pharmaceutical companies and those leaders mandating experimental medical procedures have to say. Maybe some new leaders might earn our trust but the ones in office now should definitely no longer have that trust we seem to give without question. Maybe the news sources that should root out the truth should no longer hold our trust either as they rarely report or expose the falsehoods, power grabs or greed that drives such things as mandates and lockdowns. People of the world need to wake up and the people who need to wake up the most are Americans.

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