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Lies presented as facts - Nuclear war's not that bad

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). has been considered one of the primary truths of nuclear war. Nowadays, however, world leaders (or, more accurately, American leaders) believe that it is decidedly much more survivable than the wisdom of the past century has suggested... Strongly suggested.

Worst still is that American leaders have actually been moving us towards nuclear war for years. Watch this documentary and decide for yourself whether America's expansion threatens nuclear war or not. And, if you doubt that American leaders would knowingly start unjust, immoral, illegal wars, watch this story explaining and showing how America's were lied to and convinced to invade Iraq long before 9/11

and look into other American false flags that convinced Americans of the need for needless wars and conflicts. It's not speculation. It's information that has been declassified and is freely available on GOVERNMENT websites like

A good starting point for the truth is my book "Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's Fix America." which can be purchased here and contains live links to most articles, interviews and videos referenced within. As stated above, the book is a good starting point as it seeks to help the reader discern between what is said by those leading us and what reality shows us to be true. And, unlike most sources of information out there, the book offers solutions to the problems and issues presented in its pages... Hence the title "Solutions..."

It is shameful that far too many Americans are far too willing to simply believe people like Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden as they push for endless wars across the planet in countries obscure and unknown to most Americans. Far too often Americans are too willing to ignore the atrocities committed by our Government. Atrocities like those ignored during the Clinton administration when, then secretary of state Madeleine Albright justified the killing of 500.000 Iraqi children... And, misogynists try to say women are as strong as men.

If, after watching the videos linked in this article as well as those strewn throughout my book, you are still not convinced of the dire need to stop our maniacal leaders, look to our past. Look at the ways in which more Americans have been forced into poverty in the richest country on the planet, the ways in which millions of homes were lost to banks, the inequality that has increased within our lifetime, the mandates to inject ourselves with untested vaccines during a Pandemic that our "leaders" apparently created, the incompetent response to said Pandemic. You could do that or you can just wait and see if things get better as I've been told they will for the past ten years. Either way, I think you'll be surprised by the callous ways in which our leaders are willing to place us all in harms way for profit, regardless of the outcome.

Keep trusting that the feverish need for endless wars will break and that it does so before the first mushroom cloud appears on the horizon. Or trust that it would be best to run towards that mushroom cloud as opposed to "ducking and covering". To me, being one of the survivors of a nuclear Holocaust sounds horrific... All of that endless walking around looking for fellow survivors, eating rats for sustenance as your hair falls out in ever-increasing clumps. I say we do something now to avoid or at least mitigate what's coming. As a starting point, consider any politician who gets mad at people protesting the idea of a nuclear war with Russia and enemy of the state and peacefully vote them out of office.

Today's Regaining American Democracy (RAD) dictionary word or phrase of the day is:

Nukular arms noun

1. The types of arms that don't disintegrate when a nuclear bomb is dropped. Usually resistant to the sunburn one would receive on the back of their neck during an atomic explosion. May sometimes be used to put out flames on clothing, if those flames are due to a nuclear bomb being dropped. Related - Not useful against regular fire.

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