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Lies presented as facts: Oil companies deserve free oil

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The argument goes that

"If oil companies don't extract it it, no one would extract oil."

For that to be true, we would all have to believe that no other entity would come along and agree to pay a Universal Basic Income to every American and still make a nice profit, say the oil companies only make millions instead of billions. Would you agree to only making millions or would you say "NO! It's either billions or nothing!"

Instead, we all collectively agree that oil companies are ENTITLED to a resource they did not create. Even on public lands, those companies only pay a lease to extract oil which took millions of years for the EARTH not Exxon, Shell, Mobile, Standard or any other oil company to create.

It seems to me that a resource created by the planet belongs to the planet. Now, I will concede that, as the dominant species, mankind was always going to utilize this fossil fuel as it saw fit. What are Earth's other species gonna say about that truth? Oh yeah. Those dummies can't talk and besides we already kill them for sport. Imagine what we would do if they could talk.. Black people have been able to speak as long as there's been an America and look what happened to them. Non-speaking American species were doomed from America's inception, but this is not that discussion. Let's stay focused on what I believe to be the theft of resources like oil.

Why do people continue to accept the inequitable distribution of black gold? I'll even give the oil robber barons of days gone by their due in that America was way more barbaric than it is today, but in 2023, one would think the Public would realize that, continuing to getting shafted by Big Oil is uncomfortable no matter how much lube they spew in advertisements and sponsorships on "news" program that are supposedly biased... I mean "unbiased", unfair... I mean "fair" and unbalanced... I mean... Well, you know.

Maybe, someday, the Public will see past the scarcity that Capitalism imposes on every Human who isn't a millionaire, billionaire or possibly even a trillionaire in decades to come. After all, Bill Gates invested 55 million in mRNA vaccine technology in 2019, pushed that technology until the Government mandated it for us all, making Bill's original investment soar 10X to 550 million before Gates trashed it for some aerosol technology in which he's probably now invested in 2023. If Bill Gates can continue with his obvious conflicts of interest against Humanity then of course Big Oil should be allowed to pillage the Planet. My concern, however, is will it be too late when the masses realize that what Bill and the Oil companies and Big Pharma, Big Banking, and others is actually harming everyone, it will be too late. Just consider the fact that every political debatinh climate change gets a chance to speak on the Main Stream Media, while few, if any actual climate scientists do. And, to be quite honest, is there even any need for a climate debate? Just consider the degradation of the habituate in which we live to gain an understanding that our leaders are NOT truly concerned about the climate: Water poisoned with lead is being exposed around the country, other countries are rejecting the shipments of garbage America has been sending to their ports, sudden death rates have been increasing since the COVID vaccines. Now, before anyone calls me an anti-vaxxer, I got both of the initial shots and still got COVID. My concern is that there is no accountability (you can't create a law suit against COVID vaccine manufactures or employers who forced you to get vaccinated) and the latest booster was only tested on 8 mice.

If it's not too late on an environmental, pandemic or economic level, it soon will be for the masses to overcome the dancing robot army that Boston Dynamics is creating for the rich? And for anyone skeptical of this last statement, consider this... Which one of you can afford to by a robot that do parkcor?

The Regaining American Democracy (RAD) dictionary word or phrase of the day is;

Demblues noun demblüz

1. The sadness one experiences when voting "blue no matter who"

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