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Fabian Augustus is, by far, the greatest mischief mockian in Far Beyond. For that matter, he is the greatest mischief mockian on Earth as well. The problem is that, his next assignment is not for a mischief mockian in Far Beyond or on Earth. To be one hundred percent correct, Fabian’s next assignment isn’t actual his assignment and there in lays the beginning of a grand adventure.

    Mistakenly assigned to retrieve the teeth of little girl named Kelcy, Fabian decides to take on this unusual task in an ill-advised attempt to gain favor with a tooth fairy he has had a crush on for quite some time. From the start, however, Fabian fails to realize how much he is in over his head, as one misstep after another leads to him being discovered under Kelcy’s pillow instead of the coins he was to leave as payment for the little girl’s teeth. And, as all fairies and magical creatures know, once discovered by a child, the fairy must remain with that child until the age at which they would naturally stop believing in fairies.

    Given the fact that this was not really Fabian’s assignment, the little mockian must take Kelcy back to Far Beyond to get a ruling on this matter from his wise and powerful leader BT. To Fabian’s and Kelcy’s surprise, BT requests that the pair go on a mission that could stop the return of an evil that Far Beyond has not witnessed for hundreds of years. Accompanied by a wizard whose magic does not work in Far Beyond and a teacher, the pair set out on a quest to save the entirety of the land known only as Far Beyond.

Far Beyond: The Jerod Saga

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