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Extend your audience by turning your book into an Android App called the Abook.  With the Abook you will extend your reach by adding over 200 million Android devices to your potential market worldwide:  A market that increases daily as new Android device users come online every day.  Watch the demonstration video and call 

Turn your eBook into an Android App (Abook)

SKU: Abook
    • Easy incorporation of PDF files
    • Zoom

      • Double tap for two levels of zoom​

    • Easy navigation

      • Page indicator slider to scroll up or down​

      • "Next" and "Previous" arrows for single page navigation

    • Table Of Contents links to book chapters

      • Allows easy navigation between any chapter​ and the TOC.​

    • Story-themed games

      • Imagine readers playing as a character from your book in a land from your story.​
    • Links to the following:
      • Author's website or online store such as Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc​
      • ​References (Wikipedia, Youtube, Articles, etc.)

    • Each Abook is covered under the Apache license for Android.
    • All images and audio files provided by the client remain the property of the client.
    • All images and audio files created by Miksons remain the property of Mikson unless an explicit deal is reached (in writing) before all concerned parties.