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Add features not available in any PDF, Epub or Kindle reader:

  1. Link to images, articles and audio and video files for every source you reference in your book.

  2. Embedded means to play the audio and video files referenced above.

  3. An embedded means (if you so choose) for readers to email you (the author), your publisher, editor or other representatives.

  4. More enhanced features like a story-themed game that can be accessed directly in the Abook.

* - The $50.00 introductory price does not include links (priced per link) or the creation of any artwork required for any embedded game.  For pricing of these extra features, contact a representative from Miksons  at (786) 837-6041.

Just see how the Abook can enhance your sales.

Far Beyond, The Game

Story-Themed Game for Abook

    It has been over 500 years since the mystical land of Far Beyond has faced such evil as that which is threatening an imminent return.  Unfortunately for Kelcy, the impending war could start while she is visiting from Earth.


    In an unexpected journey, these two unlikely friends must uncover and stop a plot set in motion hundreds of years in the past.  Together, with the help of other brave and noble defenders of Far Beyond, the pair embark on a mission that will be retold in song for generations to come.


    Help Fabian collect as many spells as he can while avoiding the dreaded owls.  In preparation for his adventures with his new best friend Kelcy, Fabian Augustus, the self-proclaimed best Mischief Mockian in Far Beyond must gather up as much magic as he can.