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Fauci has lied about masks. and he's admitted to lying about masks during a Pandemic.  Fauci lied about Gain of Function.  He lied about gain of function funding which looks like the cause of the Pandemic.  How has he not been indicted?

Faucian Deal

कर को छोड़कर
  • Returns available as long as the following criteria are met:

    1. Returned (post-marked) within 10 days of delivery.
    2. The product(s) is in good condition.
    3. Purchaser pays for shipping.
    4. Provide photograph(s) of the damaged product or packaging upon receipt of merchandise.
  • All tee shirts from Miksons Entertainment are shipped out new.  If there is an issue with the tee-shirt when delivered (the shirt is damaged), please document (photograph) and submit photograph when requesting a refund.

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