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Self-publish and reach more readers

Add features not available in any PDF, Epub or Kindle reader:

  • Link to images, articles, and audio and video files for every source you reference in your book.

  • Embedded means to play the audio and video files referenced above.

  • An embedded means (if you so choose) for readers to email you (the author), your publisher, editor or other representatives.

  • More enhanced features like a story-themed game that can be accessed directly in the Abook.

* - The $50.00 introductory price does not include links (priced per link) or the creation of any artwork required for any embedded game.  For pricing of these extra features, contact a representative from Miksons  at (305) 903-9982.

Self-publish and reach more readers

SKU: Abook
कर को छोड़कर
    • Easy incorporation of PDF files
    • Zoom

      • Double tap for two levels of zoom​

    • Easy navigation

      • Page indicator slider to scroll up or down​

      • "Next" and "Previous" arrows for single page navigation

    • Table Of Contents links to book chapters

      • Allows easy navigation between any chapter​ and the TOC.​

    • Story-themed games

      • Imagine readers playing as a character from your book in a land from your story.​
    • Links to the following:
      • Author's website or online store such as Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc​
      • ​References (Wikipedia, Youtube, Articles, etc.)

    • Each Abook is covered under the Apache license for Android.
    • All images and audio files provided by the client remain the property of the client.
    • All images and audio files created by Miksons remain the property of Mikson unless an explicit deal is reached (in writing) before all concerned parties.
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