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Eye opener for August 19, 2023

It's one thing to believe in something intangible like God. No one can prove or disprove the existence of an entity that doesn't reveal itself in an Earth, material manner. It's another thing altogether to have faith in things that are easily proven to be false.

How many times can a political leader promise something they have not delivered for decades.? How many times can leaders promise to make life better in America and fail to do so in the most meager of ways?

Whether it's for the Democratic or Republican party, American voters now seem more like religious zealots than thoughtful citizens weighing the evidence that either confirms or refutes the claims and promises made by those whose implied goal is to represent their constituents best interest.

It's one thing to believe the promises of a first term candidate. They have no record upon which one can compare their words and actions against. It's quite another thing to trust the words of an incumbent, especially when they've been in office for years or even decades.

How the hell do enough people trust Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden when they've been in leadership for decades and the country has only gotten worse? The only answer is FAITH, because the records of those leaders referenced above and so many more are nothing but examples of failure.

Given almost any metric of American life, most elected officials in the United States have failed most demographics and classes. Most Americans are poorer and in greater debt than ever before. Most young Americans will never be able to invest in things like real estate, stocks or any other financial vehicle that will outpace increasing inflation. More and more Americans will be forced to work past the age of retirement, their days of toil ending only when the lives end.

What's truly sad is that the faith so many voters have for their "team leaders", whether they be blue or red (Democrat or Republican, respectively), the justification for such belief is easily confirmed or contested. With all of the knowledge of mankind available on the Internet, the American electorate can readily assertain the historical facts about a incumbent candidate. Whether a local, state or federal race, voters could inform themselves on who they might choose in any upcoming election.

Most however DO NOT! The proof in this claim is the evidence of corruption, malfeasance, sociopathic tendencies, narcissistic behavior, racism is so apparent in so many instances that it's difficult to see how some of these people have stayed out of jail, let alone be placed in positions of authority. One example, and possibly the most telling one is how members of the U S. Congress routinely beat most of the World's best hedge fund managers and stock analysts. Could the fact that they have foreknowledge of bills that will impact the price of securities and commodities be the cause for their uncanny success?

The corruption in American politics has become so apparent these days that those partaking in such illicit behavior no longer even feel the need to hide or disguise it. When asked if she thought it and bad idea for political leaders to be allowed to invest in stocks while making decisions impacting stock, Nancy Pelosi was indignant as she boldly claimed it to be fine. If trading stocks upon which you have complete influence isn't an example of INSIDER TRADING, what is?

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