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Eye opener for February 26, 2024: If leaders feared reprisal of the majority

How different the world would be if our leaders feared the masses as they once did. The things our leaders would accomplish if the fear of a French style revolution were posssible. Even without the threat of such violence as exhibited during the French Revolution, we've had examples of what leaders can accomplish for the masses instead of profits. As bad as Richard Nixon may have been as President, he accomplished more than than most presidents since his fail from grace.

The lack of integrity uncovered by the Watergate scandal implies that Nixon was not average to morally and ethically questionable ideas, so why did he do things as beneficial to the masses as creating the Environment Protection Agency and ultimately ending the Viet Nam war? Perhaps his willingness to help those who elected him to office can be teased out of a story or rumor about this late president. There was an incident that for security sake required the Whitehouse to be surrounded by buses. It was during this spectacle that Nixon is said to have confessed how concerned he was that the people would break through the bus blockade and get to him. In other words, he was terrified of the people, something that seems to have reversed over the decades.

In 2018, I wrote a book highlighting the problems Humanity would face if more power, wealth, and control was funneled to a small group of elite individuals, groups, or organizations. In my book, I provided solutions (from myself and others) to the inevitable problems and also a means for the Public to analyze, compare, and contrast the words and deeds of those we choose to follow against reality. In my book Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America.

In "Solutions...", I provide the means for readers to disseminate information as provided by their news sources of choice, their elected officials, and any other authority they choose to follow. The book also offers a means to hold their leaders up, not just to a higher standard than is currently accepted but to one that would improve their lives and the lives of those for whom they care.

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