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Eye opener for January 3, 2024 Biden's International Failures Part 4

Before I speak about what could be the biggest existential threat that Biden's international policies represent, I would simply like to make a statement.

"Being correct is the last thing that someone like me hopes for, because of what being proven "right" entails for me everyone I know and everyone that everyone that I know knows."

Now, part 4 of Biden's international blunders. Though the scope of this one is huge the post itself will be a short one.

Biden is threatening war with at least two (2) nuclear superpowers, he is threatening to escalate America's proxy war in Ukraine to an actual war with Russia. Russia has more nukes than America, and America hasn't won a conventional war since WWII. If you actually look at the part that Russia played in that defeat versus America's contribution, you'd have to discount Russia's death roll of 27 million to truly give that win to America. This fact is however irrelevant, because the number of losses that the U.S. has racked up since, are more than enough to indicate that America would have to resort to something more than conventional warfare to defeat a country like Russia. And, since America's economic warfare against the Russian motherland has failed miserably, the only type of warfare left at America's disposal is nuclear warfare. Now, consider the fact that Biden has soared relations so much that there is little to no communications between Russian leaders and American leaders. The only form of communication I see is the threats that both countries hurl at one another and the ubiquitous propaganda presented as fact in the main streamedia these days. And, if you think all the money the U.S. has thrown at Ukraine has gone unnoticed by Russia, think again. If the Motherland is depleted of conventional missiles as the main stream media reports (though recent Russian missile strikes seem to refute those stories) what other recourse would Russia have than to lob nukes at America should it feel threatened? For this reason alone, I am dumbstruck by the idiots at American Town Hall meetings who shout down the activists who ask Congresspeople to vote against actions that push America and Russia closer towards war.

If Russia weren't enough of a problem, Biden's Whitehouse is also threatening war with China over Taiwan. Even though America recognizes Taiwan as part of China's territory, American leaders threaten war if China rightfully exerts it's control over that country. Though China has only sought peaceful solutions to conflicts around the world, America threatens this nuclear power which is part of the B.R.I.C.S. alliance as is Russia.

As America looks weaker with every lost war or military intervention it undertakes, China and Russia and Indian and other countries look stronger and become more emboldened to stand united with one another and in opposition to America, a country that has probably caused more death and destruction than all of the World's "terrorists" combined.

As Americans seem to finally be waking up to the fact that their own country has no interest in improving their lives or the lives of the loved ones, so too are other nations waking up to the fact that America only loses wars that only benefit the richest minority while killing enemy and ally alike. This will NOT end well for anyone., especially America. That is what I sought to convey in my quote above.

Below are all previous posts related to Biden's international failures:

In this, part 3 of Joe Biden's international failures I want to point out how Biden has and is weakening America in the eyes of both it's enemies, but more importantly, it's allies. America's military loses conflicts better than any country on Earth.

The United States military budget is over 800 billion Dollars now. That's close to a trillion Dollars that our tax Dollars go to attacking the rest of the world. This is more spent in a military than the next ten countries combined. And to call it a defense budget is utterly ridiculous. When was the U.S. last attack on U.S. soil? I guess 9/11 which is suspect as more evidence comes out that begs greater investigation into who and what actually led to the attacks on the World Trade Center. Click here to learn what hundreds of engineers, physicists and scientists have to say about the official narrative surrounding 9//11

And the fact that the U.S. government reacted the pages or their own report that shows 15 of the 19 airplane hijackers had ties to Saudi Arabia, yet we attacked Iraq, indicates a great failure of U.S. intelligence. Though Biden was in the government at that time 9/11 cannot however be attributed to Biden's administration. One of the major outcomes of our response to 9/11 can and is a direct and abject failure of Biden's administration. Leaving millions, if not billions of military hardware in the "only" enemy to successfully attack your country within its borders sounds like a resounding failure. American defense contractors could have made billions more if we had kept the war in Afghanistan going for another twenty years. I could have died with the knowledge that American service men and women had sacrificed their futures and their lives for a war that would have done nothing but led us into further economic ruin. How do our service people not rise up against leadership that only seems to attack country after country with no legitimate justification? How do Americans continually ignore the existential threat that warhawk represent to a majority of populations around the planet? When will Americans conclude that, with every loss the U.S. military has incurred since WWII, America's enemies become emboldened and it's allied relationships become more tenuous?

When will the America Public understand that sanctioning the world only chases America's enemies and allies away from the U.S. Dollar? When will American leadership's theft from its own citizens and citizens of the World be enough. Click here to hear about American leadership's plan to steal yet more money from another country. And keep in mind that stealing this money from Russia will in no way help end homelessness, decrease poverty or fix collapsing infrastructure in America. The only thing it will do is send enemies and allies alike to an alternative economic system. It will push the World away from the U.S. and towards a system like B.R.I.C.S.... And , remember the "R" in B.R.I.C.S. stands for Russia.

Below is the eye opener from December 29, 2023:

In this PART Two of my posts on Biden's greatest failures, I will discuss how Biden's administration an the unelected cabal of unelected malcontents have weakened America. First. however I want to bring an odd possibility to your attention. It will only take a paragraph or two to touch on this subject, because it is something that occurred to me only a few hours ago. First the question, then I my speculation:

"Why would the rich have bought up so much virtual real estate a few years ago?"

Other than for purely speculative reasons, why would rich people buy up Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing virtual properties in the Metaverse? Why would Mark Zuckerberg change the name of "Facebook" to "META"? I think the rationale behind both questions is the same.

The rich not only seek to control what most people perceive as reality, but they want to control the virtual world as well. While this may be explained as simply as this, it may be a little more nuanced. If you have more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime, why not possibly waste some of it on a virtual world you can control? If you are a transhumanist and hope to live forever as computer code in a virtual realm, why not hedge you bets and control the virtual realm as you controlled the tangible world? If you think this idea hyperbolic, consider the case of Ray Kurzweil who takes hundreds of pills daily and limits his caloric intake so he can live long enough to live forever. This and the many examples of the things the rich spend their money on today are example of true narcissism and why they should NOT have so much control.

Now, onto Biden's next failure. The loss of control over the Petrodollar. While I don't think any one country should have a world reserve currency, the fact is that America did. A brief history of the Petrol-Dollar is that it is based on the American Dollar and came to prominence after World War II. While Europe struggled to rebuild after WWII, America prospered as it all other nations looked to the United States of America to help them rebuild. One of the things to come out post-war was an agreement that crude oil would be traded in U.S. Dollars. This exchange for one of the largest and important commodities on Earth led to most countries deciding to convert their own currency to the U.S. Dollar for trade of oil and most other imports and exports. When the world chose to conduct most exchanges of goods and services in US Dollars, it gave the United States a De facto Hegemony. The Petrodollar in essence became the "Everything Dollar". America became the Petrodollar's greatest beneficiary, because it produced and controlled every Petrodollar brought into existence.

What most Americans fail to realize is that the fiat currency that is also known as the Petrodollar is not the first world's reserve currency and will mostly not be its last. Click here to see how the status as the World's reserve currency has changed hands *countries) over the 120 years prior to the year 2020. It's quite a stunning look at how America's dominance is fleeting. If you would like a glimpse at how fiat currencies have cone into and gone out of favor throughout history, click here.

So, while it may be hard for a single currency to over the U.S. Dollar as the World's reserve currency, how hard would it be for a group of countries to accomplish this feat? Could an economic system comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa )aka B.R.I.C.S.) pose a threat to the U.S. Dollar's dominance? If America sanctions so many countries to the point that the U.S. Dollar becomes useless to those countries, could those countries simply decide to create a currency that they could trade amongst themselves? With Saudi Arabia deciding to trade oil in the Indian Rupee and currencies other than the U.S. Dollar, couldn't that weaken the Dollar's hold and sway over the world?

this happened under Job Biden. As a matter of fact, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and America has only soared under Joe Biden. As another matter of fact, the Biden Administration has had to go "hat in hand " to countries like Venezuela for oil? Could the Venezuelan government have been disillusioned by American leaders (Trump and Biden) designating its leader as a dictator and attempting to denounce this Democratically elected president a dictator? And, as Biden designates several other world leaders as dictators, without any evidence that indicates these leaders have done anything close to what American presidents have doe for decades, why would the world have faith in America as an ally?

Biden's policies have weakened America militarily, economically and will only continue to do so, whether he is actually pulling the strings or being pulled.

Below is Part One of my posts about Biden's international failure

While the establishment screamed about how Donald Trump would be the end of America, far too many American voters overlooked Joe Biden's corrupt past. And, as some say.

"The best predictor of the future is the past."

I will leave it up to you to look back at Biden's past, but trust me, it peppered with all kinds of corruption and immoral behavior that speaks to his lack of integrity. So, if you believe me or have returned from doing your own research (which I recommend) into Biden's history and you've found little to no integrity in his policies or actions, do you think he should have ever been considered for the role of Leader of the Free World? While this title is, in and of itself a bit pretentious and full of Hubris, if it is taken on face value, should someone with so many examples of malicious behavior be a leader? Should someone who has sold out their country so their son could make millions in Ukraine be the person in charge of the U.S. military that might at some point defend Ukraine.

This brings me to the first of Biden's failures in foreign policy, the war in Ukraine: As the media propagandized the Public and lied it into seeking protection against a Russian onslaught, Biden pushed for billions to go to Ukraine. Even though Russia and Ukraine had a peace agreement called the Minks Agreement. Click here for details about the Minsk Agreement In it was an agreement to a ceasefire amongst other things that would have avoided the war that started a couple years ago.

What the U.S. and the west chose to do instead of maintaining a peace between Ukraine and Russia, was to arm the Ukrainians with the most-backwards thinking. To believe that Ukraine could ever defeat Russian could only come from the minds of people who believe their dominance is written in the stars. It could only come from a nations who think stealing the resources of smaller nations is justified. that kind of thinking could only come from the minds of people whose son worked for what was once deemed one of the most corrupt nations on the planet that also boasted an infestation of neo-Nazis. As for Russia's part, they basically sought a few concessions to avoid war: Ukraine not be allowed in NATO, Ukraine stop bombing Ukrainians who identified as ethically Russian in the Donbas region. Too bad the leadership of Ukraine listened to western leaders and pushed for the very things Russia warned them not to push for.

Now, after America has sent hundreds of billions to Ukraine instead of using that money to address things like the increasing poverty and homelessness in America, Ukraine is still lost. While American media downplays the number of young male Ukrainians killed in a useless war, Ukrainians themselves are having to come to grips with the fact that their country may no longer exist. If its demise isn't immediate, Ukraine's end is inevitable, due to the fact that an entire generation of young men (nearly 500,000 dead) being wiped off of the face of the Earth. While U.S. media reports completely different numbers of death, I prefer NOT to believe the same media that lied us into Iraq after 9/11. And, if you'd like some information that refutes any Ukrainian victory implied by the main stream media in America, consider the following:

Why would Ukraine resort to what seem such drastic measures as those discussed and written about in the above articles and videos if Ukraine was winning the war with Russia? Why would Ukraine need billions of more dollars if Russia was on the verge of collapse in their shared war?

As leader of the free world, Biden advocated for sanctions against Russia to weaken its economy. Not only has Russia's economy survived America's and the West's sanctions but it is strong now then it was before those sanctions. Click here to read how the Russian economy is handling sanctions. part of the problem with American sanctions is that America seems to sanction everyone these days, so everyone has had to ignore American sanctions and deal with each other as opposed to dealing with American hegemony. It's like when the kid with the ball takes his ball away, so the rest of the kids make their own ball and continues playing without the selfish kid. B.R.I.C.S. is becoming a much better prospect for all of the countries over which America and the countries of the West have tried to hold dominion. Russia is the "R" in B.R.I.C.S., so they can deal with other countries that don't mind ignoring American threats. The last point that e I will discuss about Biden's failure in Ukraine is the fact that his policies when dealing with that conflict have been so detrimental to America's supposed allies. Germany, the strongest economy in the European Union is in shambles, because of the destruction of the Nord stream pipeline. The pipeline that Biden threatened to end if Russia went to war with Ukraine. This last point relates to the next way I believe Biden's foreign policy has harmed America. This topic and others are listed below and will be discussed in the order provided below.

Because discussing Biden is so frustrating, I will tackle his next failure on December 31st. In that post I will ponder how "Leaving MILITARY equipment in Afghanistan not only does nothing for the reputation of the United States military, it causes great harm to it. Tomorrow I will be discussing how farmers and ranchers around the world are protesting actions that their governments are taking that will put them out of business.

  1. Losing the Petro-dollar

  2. Leaving MILITARY equipment in Afghanistan

  3. The loss of ally support around the Globe, specifically due to blind support if Israel

  4. Picking fights with countries like China which are pushing for equitable trade with others.

It is so disheartening that so few American's seem to see that Biden is causing all of the harm that the establishment said Donald Trump would cause and then some... Threatening nuclear powers was never something that the establishment thought Trump would do, but guess who is threatening two of the largest nuclear powers in the world.

In 2018, I wrote a book highlighting the problems Humanity would face if more power, wealth, and control was funneled to a small group of elite individuals, groups, or organizations. In my book, I provided solutions (from myself and others) to the inevitable problems and also a means for the Public to analyze, compare, and contrast the words and deeds of those we choose to follow against reality. In my book Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America.

In "Solutions...", I provide the means for readers to disseminate information as provided by their news sources of choice, their elected officials, and any other authority they choose to follow. The book also offers a means to hold their leaders up, not just to a higher standard than is currently accepted but to one that would improve their lives and the lives of those for whom they care.

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