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Eye opener for September 30, 2023

If Diane Feinstein passing away while in office isn't proof that American leadership is objectively failing, I don't know what would be proof.

Feinstein exhibited very obvious signs of mental decline and failing health over the past few months. She had to take substantial time off FROM RUNNING A COUNTRY and then could even remember being sick or away from her office for even one day.

And, the image used in the article above depicts a person who should only have kept their office in a monarchy or a dictatorship. In that image, one could say Feinstein looks I'll to be generous, but one could also arguably say she looks like a cadaver. In other recent images Feinstein looked like a Zombie in some photos and like a mummy in others.

Zoom in on Feinstein's face

Now, before anyone complains about my statements on her appearance, remember, her "people" put her out to the Public like that. This, in my opinion is elder abuse. The proof of this claim is that she died while in office, voting on things like the largest military budget on the planet when she was obviously unaware of what was going on.

Not only shouldn't anyone that supported Feinstein's continued service as a Senator until her death at 90 years old never be allowed near any sear of power, they should be charged with abuse and corruption: Abuse, because, even if Feibstein claimed to be fit to continue her role as a Senator, her death at 90 years old proves otherwise and her "people" shouod gave allowed her to spend her last days with family; Corruption, because there is no justifiable reasib to keep someone as clearly ib declibe as Feibstein was at 90 years if age in office other than to approve money for entities like defense contractors.

And now we're left with Mitch McConnell who could possibly pass away at a press conference since every time he seems to stroke out, those around him do little to nothing to get him help. No country can function properly when it's leadership is so apparently incompetent and have only exhibited corrupt characteristics for the majority of their time in office.

I would say rest in peace Diane Feinstein but, if there is justice in the afterlife, I don't think there is rest for the wicked.

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