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Lies presented as facts - The rich are charitable. No need for Government "handouts"

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Just looking at the ever-increasing numbers of Americans who are becoming homeless should be an indictment of this lie.

This is yet another lie that the media has allowed politicians to make without any discernable pushback. This along with lies, misinformation, half truths and propaganda like "The rich are job creators", "The rich deserve to make money off their employees forever." "There is no class warfare in America.", "Private companies like Twitter and Facebook have the right to usurp, deny your first amendment rights because they are private entities that are NOT control by the Government.", "If you raise the minimum wage, prices will go up."

It seems that after decades of these direct and or indirect falsehood, the American Public would grow skeptical of anything the Government and its political leaders say and cynical of anything reported by the Main Stream Media. Russiagate, despite overwhelming proof to contrary suggests otherwise however. Even though groups like Crowdstrike testified under oat that Russia never hacked the DNC server and the fact that less than $100K was spent on Facebook ads to help Trump an election that cost 3 billion dollars in advertising speak to level of ignorance that is almost inconceivable.

With my obvious bias out of the way, let's consider how the rich have contributed to society and it s well being. In the past few years, especially those in which America was locked down due to a Pandemic, the rich have gained even more wealth. In a time in which the country and the world faced an event that eventually killed millions Globally, the rich got richer... If not during a Pandemic, when will the rich NOT get richer? When will the rest of us get upset about this never-ending trend. I wouldn't even mind if the rich maintained the level of wealth at which they started, but to always get richer, while the rest of us become that much more impoverished? If only once, the case was that the poor got richer, I could die a happy man, but I hold out o great hope that this will ever happen.

So, given the fact that trillions went into the already overflowing coffers of the ultra rich, have we seen those who benefit no matter which political party controls the Government donate more? Anecdotally, I would have to say no, at least not to the extent that it offsets the inequality that runs rampant in America. Though I have no empirical evidence to substantiate this claim, it seems utterly logical that, if they had, we wouldn't see the increasing numbers of homeless people across America. If there were any benevolent rich people, we would not only see a decrease in homelessness and poverty, but we would also hear stories about how some billionaires are harming the economy by hoarding and removing wealth from it. We would hear these stories because almost all media is controlled by one billionaire or another... Funny how we never EVER hear about the ways in which the rich are solving poverty and homelessness.

Instead, we read stories about people living in tents or we hear stories about people living under bridges or we watch stories about families living in cars. And, if we read, hear or watch these stories on independent media sources, we also learn how poverty is criminalized and cops are used to terrorize citizens who are at the lowest point in their lives. If the news is an honest source, we also learn that ,contrary to the establishment narrative, many of those living on the streets or in their cars work fulltime jobs. None of these latter examples serve the needs of the rich, so they are never brought to light.

As I pointed out in my book "Solutions; Enough complaining. Let's Fix America.", All one need do is listen to what our elected officials are saying and compare or, more accurately, contrast that with the reality in which we live to conclude whether said leaders benefit us personally or NOT. I would be willing to bet that a vast majority of Americans, be they red, blue, white, black or any other color would conclude they don't. And, from there, it's an easy jump to realizing the common threat we face.

The Regaining American Democracy (RAD) dictionary word or phrase of the day is:

Gentrifuckation - noun

When families that have lived in a community for generations can no longer afford to live in the neighborhood in which they grew up.

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