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Why their words don't match reality

Are you starting to wonder why voting democrat or republican never seems to help you, your family, or your friends? Is inflation becoming a greater concern? Does it feel like America is falling apart at a faster rate year after year? Was Trump really the problem or is there something that was there before, during, and after Donald Trump's presidency? Does Joe Biden seem any less corrupt than the media claimed Trump was? Is war really the only solution to all of America's problems? The answers to these questions as well as the remedies are discussed in the following book: Solutions In the past few decades, leaders like Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and more have overseen the decline of the United States of America. People have voted for them over and over again (in Pelosi's and McConnell's case for at least 4 decades), as they have asked but the only demographic that seems to benefit are the rich. And, even when you vote in new blood like AOC, Omar, Bush, Bowman, and the rest of the "Squad", they never seem to get anything done that benefits anyone except the rich. The book Solutions not only explains how these leaders have deceived the Public for so long but helps the reader avoid voting for such bad actors in the future. If you are starting to have your doubts. ask yourself the following then buy the book Solutions which exposes the truth with references to articles, audio, and video interviews and more: Question: Who benefits from the military aggression that American leadership deems necessary to our interests? Does the majority of the American public receive any benefit? Answer: No, because we don't build the bombs dropped, the missiles fired nor do we provide any of the military equipment or supplies that are so profitable to the military-industrial complex? Question: Why does the price of everything seem to go up more than so many Americans can keep up? Answer: Wages DON'T increase as much as the cost of goods do. This leads to the next question. Question: Why don't wages keep on pace with prices. Answer: Lobbyists representing big businesses convince our leaders to keep the minimum wage low. The actual minimum wage would have to be as high as $25/hour in some states (like Florida) to be considered a living wage or a wage at which a family of four could live comfortably. This leads to the next question which I pose to people of a certain mindset. Question: If the argument "If wages go up, prices will go up." is true then what accounts for the fact that for decades prices have gone up, while wages have remained relatively stagnant? Answer: It's a lie or more accurately propaganda used by our leaders to keep minimum wages at near poverty levels. There are too many stories on the internet to ignore the probability that businesses only care about profit. No matter the industry, if big business is involved, they are trying to figure out ways to maximize profit and since labor is one of any business' biggest expenses, labor must be diminished in any way possible. Question: Was Donald Trump any worse than any recent president before or since? Answer: Not, if you compare his record to any four-year period of the presidents in the past few decades: Obama deported way more people (twice as many) in a comparable amount of time. Obama dropped way more bombs (so many that arms manufacturers could NOT keep up with the demand for Cluster bombs one year). Both Bush presidents led America into wars based on known lies: First Iraq War (HW Bush) - Second Iraq War - GW Bush made jokes about NOt finding weapons of mass destruction which people in his own administration said did not exist. Obama took GW Bush's 2 wars and multiplied them: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria. Question: Does Biden seem like a better choice than Trump? Does Biden seem like the one person out of the 300 plus million Americans who should be leading this nation? Answer: No, but neither did Trump or even Obama given the state at which we find ourselves. There are so many more ways in which other presidents out-did Trump in nefarious policies that could never have been considered beneficial to the majority of Americans. These are just a few of the reasons why you should read this book. The truth is out there, so let your journey start here. Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's Fix America. available on Amazon or below.

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