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An Action-Packed Adventure For Kids

"Far Beyond: The Jerod Saga" Book one in the "Far Beyond" series follows the exploits of the most unlikely heroes in history. Let Far Beyond serve as your child's introduction to the joys of reading. Allow Far Beyond to offer you the opportunity to read about the exploits of Kelcy and Fabian to their kids at bedtime... A nightly ritual that children will want to take over for themselves as their reading skills develop. You can buy the paperback version by scrolling down where you can also download the app version, safely and securely from the Google Play Store. The app version of the book has the added bonus of an exclusive of a Far Beyond-themed game featuring none other than Fabian Augustus himself. Help Fabian avoid the menacing owls as he makes his way towards Kelcy's house. In the meantime, why not check out the free online Far Beyond games under development here. Visit periodically to watch as Miksons Entertainment adds new features to these games or provide you input as to what features you would like added... If coloring is more your speed, you can download one or all of the free coloring pages featuring characters from Far Beyond by clicking the link above. If you submit them to, we might even post your rendition on the site. Live the magic of Far Beyond and love the magic of reading, as you visit wonderous lands few have ever known.

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