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Eye opener for August 26, 2023

The U.S. Government and the Federal reserve banking system proved (without a doubt) that the dollar isn't even as good as the currency in the game Monopoly.

When can print 40% of a nearly hundred years old currency in just two years and then give most of it to the one percent (actually an even smaller than one percent minority), your money in literally worthless or worth less... You pick.

Imagine a game of Monopoly where one of the players gets to open a second Monopoly game box, take 40% of the money from the second game, keep it all and use it in the original game.

Like I wrote in my book "Solution:Enough complaining. Let's fix America."

Once one player (or one percent in the case of the United States of America has all the money, the game is over. That is what is happening in America and the inequality is only getting worse as wealth is being drained from the poor, middle class and even the upper-middle class through the theft of money, property and liberty seems to grow exponentially.

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