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Eye opener for August 5, 2023

The most important war that all people on planet Earth should be fighting is the war against international corporations and entities.

The war against global companies and organizations is an existential threat to all of Humanity because they have no allegiance to any country or any people, no matter their race, culture creed, values or beliefs. Corporations only maintain one belief... The belief in profit.

Regardless of the harm that the pursuit of profit above all else causes, corporations don't care. They CAN'T care because the "dog eat dog" values of Capitalism dictate that all corporations grow or die at the hand of other corporations willing to do whatever it takes to grow. Think about this idea on a smaller scale. Let's look at the Mob as a case study. The Mob was a system based on a hierarchy of families which contained a hierarchy of family members and friends within those families to dictate and enforce policies that benefitted the family. The various factions of the Mob were always fighting for control of ever-increasing territories, because the smaller your group or family, the more vulnerable you were to attack from larger groups or families. The family that increased its territory and ranks had to be the most ruthless because there were families and groups willing to do more ruthless stuff to seize more territory if your family wouldn't. The means to an end must be prevalent in any system in which the goal is to be at the top of the heap. Street gangs must recruit more gang members and kill more rival gang members to maintain their business and clout. Nations must conquer more territory to maintain its standing on the world stage. Just look at all of the smaller countries in the world that get overlooked and/or dominated for their resources.

Now, think about the corporations around the planet that do business and cater to countries that are not the place of origin. Historically, those corporations have made concessions to do business in other countries, but as their presence has increased in those foreign nations so too has their influence. If you have a president of the Japanese division of your corporation who is Japanese, he or she is going to be rubbing elbows with Japanese officials. This holds for any corporation that established roots in other countries. Walmart must have presidents and vice presidents all over the Globe. McDonald's, Target, Amazon all need to have some kind of influence to guarantee the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition. Let's look at a hypothetical that could pertain to any business. You sell a product or provide a service and you also hold a certain sway or control over those who govern the community to which you want to sell your products and services. You donate to those officials's campaigns. You get them elected and keep them in their elected office, so they have a need to keep you around. You tell this official that it would be helpful to your business to have a law requiring all of the products sold in the are they govern be sourced in a very specific location, maybe locally sourced. You've already secured exclusivity from all of the manufacturers in that specific location, so when the law is passed, your competition must stop selling in that market. This happens, it has happened on my current project and have led to a monopoly that is providing a case study for why monopolies are immoral, unjust and unsustainable. Anecdotally, my project has gotten to the point that the safety of those making others rich isn't even a consideration. We've had dismemberments, lacerations and the latest is the threat of heat strike in hundred degree plus weather because the company failed to provide water to its employees working in and around very dangerous equipment. Companies with monopolies can have a more cavalier attitude towards its employees when they're the only game in town.

Now, while global corporations may not have monopolies around the globe, their competition is very limited and their influence unlimited. Profiting in the billions, these corporations continue to get tax breaks that few others get. They avoid import taxes even when a majority of their products and the creation of said products was sourced in other countries. International organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) are pushing for binding resolutions that would usurp local laws in face of health crises. In other words the WHO could require your sovereign nation to lockdown at their discretion. And speaking of the WHO, the Gates Foundations was and I think is still one of the largest donors to the WHO.

Bill Gates made 500 million dollars off of the vaccine he originally pushed then said didn't work on COVID as well as the new nasal sprayed he is now invested. I single out Bill Gates because this is the type of leadership we have around the world today. The CEOs of companies only care about profit and care nothing about who that profit hurts or how those profits diminish a country's standard of living.

So, instead of fighting WWII with Russia, China, India or any other country on the map, Humanity should be collectively fighting corporations and the elites controlling them because they threaten sovereignty, security and freedom and are leading mankind to an early grave.

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