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Eye opener for June 8, 2023

What changed in the closed system we call planet Earth? We've got inflation going up by leaps and bounds but the circumstances that would cause such jumps aren't occurring at the same rate. While there have been droughts and other natural disasters, have they been happening to the extent that would cause us to inch toward hyperinflation? According to Occam's razor, wouldn't the simplest explanation for the exponentially trending inflation be readily explained by the 40 percent increase in the World's reserve currency during a pandemic lockdown.

Wouldn't Occam's razor also explain why the Opioid epidemic in America could be blamed on the American military that has controllled 70 percent of the World's supply of Opium while controlling the poppy fields in Afghanistan for more than a decade.

Of course neither of the scenarios put forth in this post could be true, but given the possible impacts the issues themselves have on the planet, doesn't it make more sense to investigate them than not?

What ideas and solutions are your representative or otherwise elected official of choice offering.... If your answer is none then wouldn't it be time to vote said representative or otherwise elected officials out of office and to convince at least two other people to do the same? How long has your representative or otherwise elected official been in office and how much better is your life or the lives of those whom you love since they were first elected? It's no longer good enough to be woke (I'm only talking about politics here). You have to be politically awoke and then help others to wake up... Like putting your oxygen mask on first then helping others do the same to brace for the impacts to which we are careening.

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