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Eye opener for September 10, 2023

A nation is a manmade construct. Without a majority consensus, a nation cannot and will not be created. Without maintaining that majority consensus a nation is unsustainable. In other words, if too few people believe in a nation, too few people will stand by said nation and fewer still will willingly die for said nation. Imagine dying for a country of which you feel no allegiance. Imagine dying for a country of which you felt no sense of security. Imagine dying for a country that would send hundreds of billions to a support a foreign proxy war but only $700 dollars per person to your own citizens after losing everything, including loved ones in a major fire... in say a place like Maui.

By helping citizens of other countries out while allowing your fellow countrymen and women to languish after a major catastrophy, you explicit display a disdain for your own people. This is especially true when you, as a leader have more conflicts of interest than a lawmaker buying stocks for a company over which they legislate. I can only imagine how those residents of Maui must feel about the nation and it's leaders who have seemingly abandoned them.

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