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Lies presented as facts - American intervention is the good kind of intervention

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

There is no way US leadership can think American intervention is still a good. Now, it's time all Americans realize this as well.

America has not won a war since WWII and America's significance in that victory is debatable. One of the reasons this lack of victories is that America has not officially declared many wars, which is the purview of Congress as dictated by the U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 8, clause 1. That does not, however, paint the whole picture as America has done everything that a war entails, except officially declared one: Send spies to determine the enemies strengths and weaknesses... Check; Propagandize it's own citizenry to bolster support for a military operation... Check; Bomb the crap out of countries, destroying infrastructure, property and lives. Check, check and check.

Besides the fact that this has exposed the fact that America can't win a fight with medium-sized or even small nations, it also means that every U.S. president since WWII has been a war criminal. They never had the endorsement of Congress so they never should have started any of those conflicts.

Currently, we are helping Ukraine fight a proxy war with Russia. A war that has been years in the making and one in which America played the largest part. Some Americans may think the U.S. blameless in this struggle, but they have no clue as to how their country has pushed and cajoled leaders around the world to abandon their own people in order to assist one of the most corrupt, neo-Nazi infested countries on the planet.

Seriously. Take a look at news stories and articles from the past in which funding for Ukraine was blocked due to the infusion of Nazis in the Ukrainian military. Some of the people yelling for more aid to Ukraine these days adamantly argued against it just a few years ago. The excuse now is Humanitarian which does not align with the outcomes of nearly, if not all, occupations in which America stepped in for "Humanitarian" reasons. I challenge you to find an American intervention that ended well for the people it was meant to save. Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, none of those countries is better off than they were before America helped them.

What this does is prove to our allies and enemies is that none of them should fear us: Allies can ignore America's demands for sanctions and enemies can ignore America's threats, veiled or not. What it does, as is the the case at the end of every empire is it shows that America has over extended itself and it cannot defend itself or its allies. It shows that we are vulnerable.

Regaining American Democracy (RAD) word or phrase of the day:

Ameritocrisy - noun

America's ruling class

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