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Gk Tricks Book Free 20

Supermarket cashback apps don't always guarantee free food. But at any given time, there are usually a few freebies across the apps. Even when you're only getting a discount, the savings can be substantial.

gk tricks book free 20

As we said, not every offer will get you 100% cashback on your food. But the savings are usually at least around the 50% mark. And if you use Shopmium to its full effect, you could get referral credits that'll cover the rest of the cost too. That means free food every single time.

Check out our guide to the best supermarket cashback apps for more details on how to get free food in your weekly shop.Become a mystery dinerFancy getting free food from your favourite restaurants? Try mystery dining. All you need to do is sign up with an agency, wait for them to give you an assignment at a local restaurant or food chain and write a report on your experience.

  • But if you're in it for a free meal, what's the harm? We've got more info on becoming a mystery diner and where to sign up.

Sign up to restaurant newsletters and appsMany restaurants and fast food joints offer something free when you download their app or sign up for their newsletter. For example, Greggs offers a free hot drink and bake for new app users.

Other chains are a little more sporadic in their offerings. Take Subway, for instance. They regularly give Subway Rewards holders free sandwiches, cookies and other treats for all kinds of reasons (including National Sandwich Day).

McDonald's is pretty generous with its app, too. They've previously given away Cheese Dippers, fries and McMuffins to app users. We've also seen some massive discounts on other menu items. Check out our guide to getting free McDonald's for more tips.

If you like eating in a particular restaurant, see if you can get involved with their newsletter or app (using an alias email to avoid spam). Even if there aren't any freebies right now, you never know when they might decide to treat you to some free food...

  • And don't forget to keep visiting independent coffee shops near you, too. You might find they have their own offers that could bag you some free food or drink. Plus, you'll be supporting local businesses. Win-win!

Look for food waste supermarketsCheck to see if you have any food waste supermarkets in your area (yes, they exist!).

  • This means you can either pay by donation or offer some of your time volunteering in the warehouse in return for your purchases. As long as you don't mind a bit of work, you could be in for a lot of free food.

Use zero-waste apps to find free food near youWe've all been there. You drastically overestimate just how many oranges you'll eat in a week. And all of a sudden, it hits you... They're gonna go off before you get a chance to eat them.

It's called Olio. What's on offer will vary based on what people in your area have going, ranging from raw ingredients to leftovers from a cooked meal. Sometimes they may ask for a small donation to charity as payment, but more often than not, there are freebies to be had.

  • In the spirit of Olio, it's also worth checking out Too Good To Go. This app lets cafes and restaurants sell excess stock at a reduced price. While you're unlikely to get anything for free, you'll almost certainly bag yourself a bargain.

Get paid to go to the pubIf eating for free isn't quite enough for you, it turns out you can even get paid to go to the pub.

For example, delivery services Deliveroo and Uber Eats both usually offer money off your first order with them. Depending on how generous they're feeling, that can sometimes mean getting a meal for free.

Every Friday, VoucherCodes runs a student-only promotion known as FOMO Friday. During this promotion, you get a free gift voucher for spending a certain amount with that week's chosen retailer.

Most weeks, free Amazon vouchers are on offer. However, sometimes VoucherCodes switches it up and offers Just Eat vouchers instead. Get these vouchers and you'll not only be on your way to free food, but a free takeaway at that.

  • Remember to only buy things you already want or need to hit the qualifying spend. Otherwise, you'll be wasting money just to get the voucher. Then it's not really free food at all...

Free tea and coffee while you shopLooking for free drinks while you shop? Ikea's got that sorted. If you sign up for the IKEA Family card, you'll get unlimited free tea or filter coffee in the in-store restaurant during the week.

  • Also, check out the John Lewis loyalty card scheme. After signing up, they will send you vouchers for a free hot drink and a slice of cake at John Lewis cafes.

Get free food from your mobile networkCustomers of O2, Vodafone and Three won't need us to tell them that their network offers some great deals through their Priority Moments, VeryMe and Three+ apps. They're often giving their customers free coffee, free chocolate and even free beer.

Play it right and you can dine like royalty for breakfast, lunch and dinner without opening your wallet once. You might even have some free snacks to keep for the next day. And, to clarify, it's just not food! There's plenty of free alcohol on offer too.

  • We've used coupons to get all kinds of free food in the past. These have included things like free ice cream, ready meals and dog treats. Granted, the last one isn't free food for you, but we're sure your dog will appreciate it.

Grow your own foodHaving a small garden gives you the chance to grow an array of different fruit and veg. If you keep an eye on our deals page, you may be able to find some free seeds.

You'd need to take a wild food course to know what you're doing when it comes to mushrooms/fungi. Luckily, other foods are easier to identify. This cheap guide to finding free food in the wild is a great starting point.

If you've ever gone blackberry picking, you'll know that it grows just about anywhere. They can be made into crumbles, pies, added to ice cream or made into jam. And the best thing is you can freeze them until you decide exactly how you'd like them.

  • While seaweed might not be at the top of everyone's list, the health benefits are unparalleled. Boil it, steam it, make sushi with it, or fry and add it to salads and soups.

Get free staff meals at your part-time jobLooking for a part-time job at uni? You could try to find one with great employee perks like free food.

Many cafes and restaurants will give their staff free meals during their shift. Or, you may be able to take food home if there are leftovers. It might not be the best idea to ask about this during your interview, but it would surely be a great benefit.

  • Becoming a delivery driver for a takeaway joint is also a good way to get freebies. You might be able to take something home with you after your shift.

Free samples of new food productsCredit: James MacDonald - Flickr

Also remember that things like sugar and ketchup sachets (and even some premium condiments, like Nando's Peri-Peri sauce sachets) are free in a lot of places. That said, while there's no harm in taking a couple of extra packets when you're paying for the main item, don't go overboard.

  • Similarly, look out for restaurants that have posters promoting massive meals that they'll give to you free of charge if you manage to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Meet-and-greets and networking eventsIf you're yet to join a university society, this could be the push you need. Societies regularly hold meet-ups for members and these tend to involve free food and even free booze.

Freshers' week is probably the best time to join a society. Going to the freshers' fair should be one of the first things you do when you start uni. It's the ideal place to sign up for multiple societies at once. Plus, a fair share of the stalls will be giving out free food as a way to draw people in.

  • This also applies to film screenings at your SU and art exhibition openings. Stock up on free food and have a side order of culture. What could be better?

Supermarket openings and restaurant launchesIf you know of a new supermarket opening in your area, make sure you're there for opening day. You can pretty much guarantee there will be free food samples on offer.

Restaurant launches are great for this too. While you may not get your whole meal for free (note: you still could!), new restaurants will almost always offer a decent discount on their opening night or week.

  • If you're keen to milk these events for all they're worth, but scared of getting caught (although, let's be honest, who cares? Free food is free food), stick on your best disguise and do the rounds again.

Exhausted all of these hacks for getting free food? Head over to our bumper list of ways to save money on food and make sure you never pay full price for your meals.

I seriously regret that I used to neglect and simply not value reading books. Today, of course, I know, why reading is so important. For example, it promotes our writing and communication skills, our creativity, our balance to the job - and last but not least, it improves our general knowledge.

You want to get a better general knowledge? Then you now have some tips and tricks at hand. But always remember that a fair amount of self-discipline is required. Because general knowledge must be acquired and learned.

Just book your hotel ahead of time and if you can, avoid using Airbnb. Airbnb has been a mess in New York City and New York has been cracking down on illegal rentals. Given how tight the New York housing market is for locals and how Airbnb has not helped the housing situation, I encourage you to stay at a hotel.

A lot of the best parts of New York involve just walking around and soaking in the city. A little glimpse into my favorite free activities: wandering around Central Park, walking around the Lower East Side, doing a self-guided food tour of Flushing (one of the best neighborhoods in Queens!), and strolling around the High Line. Click for free and budget activities in NYC all under $10 including tips on finding cheaper accommodations!


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