Featured Products:  There are so many problems in the world:  The poor, the starving, the homeless are growing at a rate which guarantees that (combined) those groups will eventually comprise the biggest demographic in the world.  Whether the previous sentence proves to be completely or arguably so, is quite irrelevant to those who will become impoverished or those who starve to death or those who die from exposure or any of the other problems that arise because of the wealth disparity that grows on a daily basis.  When the populous is distracted with vaccine mandates, wars in countries few America could point out on a map, the need to destroy racist statues, and the Depp/Heard trial, it is easy for those who control the trillions of dollars of American debt ($30 trillion roughly US Debt Clock) as well as debts around the world to drive that debt up by millions every minute.  Who does Earth owe the $250 trillion dollars in debt?  Is debt to the tune of $250 trillion even comprehensible to most human beings?  Maybe, so many of the problems we face today could be answered or at least mitigated by narrowing the wealth gap.  Maybe crimes (at least economic crimes) could be addressed and diminished by taxing the rich so poor mothers don't have to steal and risk their children's welfare in an attempt to keep them alive.  Maybe a baby formula monopoly (or near-monopoly) would not exist for products such as baby formula if those wealthy corporations controlling that industry were not allowed to hoard enough wealth to influence our leaders.  To address situations like these, the book Solutions was written.  Though it precedes those issues mentioned above, the book gets to the root of what causes issues like these to persist throughout the world.

Things like war, which make large sums of money for a very small group of people will never end as long as people remain atomized by propaganda that promotes the belief that those with differing opinions are their enemies.  If your neighbor is a democrat and you are a republican, you must hate everything that your neighbor believes and possibly your neighbor.  While neither of you may have affordable healthcare or savings enough for a $400 emergency (both of which are caused by the economic policies of both parties), you believe there is no common ground upon which you two can stand.  The reality for most neighbors, whether they be individuals, cities, states, or countries, is that You have more in common with each other than any of the less than one percent that controls the majority of the money and debt that we all seem to owe. 

How can the American voter hold allegiance to leaders like Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and more who have been in power during the decades in which American has experienced its greatest decline?  People have voted for them over and over again (Pelosi's and McConnell's for more than 4 decades), as they have enriched themselves as public servants (something that is impossible to do in an ethical or legitimate manner).  And when someone like Majorie Taylor Greene expresses greater concern for an African nation than Representative Ilhan Omar, people should realize that their faith in the Squad is misguided.  The book Solutions was not written as definitive proof that our current leaders are bad.  It was written so the reader could realize that the truth about those leaders is out there.  It was written as a way for the reader to be more analytical, scrutinize, to compare the world in which they and their family members live with that which their leaders and the news media describe. For instance, why doubt Trump's claim that the economy is doing great, but believe Biden (or vice versa)?  As another example, why not rescind Obama's Nobel peace prize after he turns George W. Bush's two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) into several more wars or after Obama drops so many cluster booms that American manufacturers of cluster bombs couldn't keep up with production?

If you are starting to have your doubts, pick up your copy of Solutions and learn how to determine whether Mainstream media is telling the truth or distracting you from what's really going on.  To start your journey, ask yourself the following questions:

Question:  Who benefits from the military aggression that American leadership deems necessary to our interests?  Does the majority of the American public receive any benefit?

Answer:  No, because we don't build the bombs dropped, the missiles fired nor do we provide any of the military equipment or supplies that are so profitable to the military-industrial complex?

Question:  Why does the price of everything seem to go up more than so many Americans can keep up?

Answer:  Wages DON'T increase as much as the cost of goods do.  This leads to the next question.

Question:  Why don't wages keep on pace with prices.

Answer: Lobbyists representing big businesses convince our leaders to keep the minimum wage low.  The actual minimum wage would have to be as high as $25/hour in some states (like Florida) to be considered a living wage or a wage at which a family of four could live comfortably.  This leads to the next question which I pose to people of a certain mindset.

Question:  If the argument "If wages go up, prices will go up." is true then what accounts for the fact that for decades prices have gone up, while wages have remained relatively stagnant?

Answer:  It's a lie or more accurately propaganda used by our leaders to keep minimum wages at near poverty levels.  There are too many stories on the internet to ignore the probability that businesses only care about profit.  No matter the industry, if big business is involved, they are trying to figure out ways to maximize profit and since labor is one of any business' biggest expenses, labor must be diminished in any way possible.

Question:  Was Donald Trump any worse than any recent president before or since?

Answer:  Not, if you compare his record to any four-year period of the presidents in the past few decades:

Obama deported way more people (twice as many) in a comparable amount of time. https://www.axios.com/obama-deported-more-people-on-average-than-trump-1513304735-4c4110c3-6086-4c8f-8c8b-649e95b10e2a.html

Obama dropped way more bombs (so many that arms manufacturers could NOT keep up with the demand for Cluster bombs one year).  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jan/09/america-dropped-26171-bombs-2016-obama-legacy

Both Bush presidents led America into wars based on known lies:

First Iraq War (HW Bush) - https://www.winterwatch.net/2021/11/conspiracy-fact-teenage-kuwaiti-girl-lied-to-congress-about-iraqi-atrocities-to-manipulate-public-support-for-a-gulf-war/

Second Iraq War - GW Bush made jokes about NOt finding weapons of mass destruction which people in his own administration said did not exist.

Obama took GW Bush's 2 wars and multiplied them:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria.

Question:  Does Biden seem like a better choice than Trump?  Does Biden seem like the one person out of the 300 plus million Americans who should be leading this nation?

Answer: No, but neither did Trump or even Obama given the state at which we find ourselves.

In the words of one of the most decorated marines in history:

"War is a Racket"

In the author of "Solutions" own words:

"We will NOT end the endless wars until we end the tyranny of those who lead us into war."
                                                                                              C. Ossman, 2022

There are so many more ways in which other presidents out-did Trump in nefarious policies that could never have been considered beneficial to the majority of Americans.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should read this book.  The truth is out there, so let your journey start here. Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's Fix America. available on Amazon or below. 

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