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A Place In The Sun

In 1950, George Eastman, the poor nephew of rich industrialist Charles Eastman, arrives in town following a chance encounter with his uncle while working as a bellhop in Chicago. Although George is regarded as an outsider by the Eastmans, Charles offers George an entry-level job at his factory. George starts dating fellow factory worker Alice Tripp in defiance of the workplace rules. Alice is a poor and inexperienced girl who is dazzled by George and slow to believe that his Eastman name brings him no advantages.

A Place In The Sun


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"Frost," Brian Becker, '79, recalls, "was a magical place." Becker organized concerts for ASSU as an undergrad and has spent his adult career in live entertainment, promoting for some of the top companies in the industry. "We developed amphitheaters around the country. They all had great acoustics, layouts." But none, he says, had Frost's special qualities: "the bandshell, the nature; a beautiful, magical place."

Perhaps the group remembered most, and most fondly, is The Grateful Dead, which performed more than a dozen times over a span of 20 years. The Dead, which had its roots in Palo Alto, first played on campus in 1966 on the back deck of Tresidder. A show at Maples in 1973 is remembered as the debut of "the wall of sound," produced by a massive number of speakers that framed the musicians. Later that spring, they were at Frost, and James Armstrong, a senior at the time, was there. "I saw them every time they played in the Bay Area, but the best place of all to see them was Frost," he says. "A lot of Dead songs would go into a long jam in the middle, wandering jazz-like for a long time. Then, all of a sudden, they would catch fire. We all got Orphic thrills and our hair stood on end. From the stage all the way up the slope of Frost, in the spring sun, there would be a unanimous, audible 'aaahh.'"

Mr. Eastman: I ran into him in Chicago. Marsha: Is he going to lead us in a prayer? Mr. Eastman: Oh, he's not at all like Asa or his wife. He's very quiet, pleasant. Not much education but ambitious. He looks amazingly like Earl. Earl: What's he do? Mr. Eastman: He was the bellhop in my hotel. Earl: Oh fine, I always wanted to look like a bellhop. Mrs. Eastman: But Charles, why do you have to bring him on here? Mr. Eastman: There's always a place at the plant for a boy like that. Mrs. Eastman: But what are we going to do about him socially? Earl: That's easy. We can all leave town. Mr. Eastman (assuring): Well, you people don't have to take him up socially. He just wants to work and get ahead - that's all.

The next day, George is led on a tour around the factory by Earl Eastman and warned about keeping the Eastman name unsullied. He is also expressly commanded to obey the company's 'no fraternization' rule - to dissociate sexual relations from the workplace - and to separate the laboring class from the executive/managerial top of the hierarchy:

One night, caught necking by the police in an open convertible in a deserted woodsy area, they return in the rain to her place. Although Alice informs him that visitors are not allowed in by Mrs. Roberts (Mary Kent) - the landlady, they begin dancing inside to music, emanating from an illuminated radio sitting on the open window sill. The camera slowly freezes on the radio and dissolves to an early morning rooster's crowing with the same shot of the window as George departs - the radio plays static. [The shot of the changing window, seen both at night and the next morning, was deliberately filmed to avoid the obvious - and the censors. Off-screen, George spent the night and had sex with her, contravening the laws of society and the factory - with disastrous consequences that ultimately lead to his downfall.] A loud factory whistle blows to signal the start of a new day.

During an inspection that morning, Charles notices his nephew in the packaging assembly line area, and decides: "This is no place for the boy...I don't think it would hurt to give that boy another position." Charles promises to give George more responsibility with a promotion: "I'm going to move you up...You've earned it." George is invited to a party at the Eastman mansion on the 15th of the next month. Rootless and drifting, George begins to feel like somebody after finding some direction in his life. But he has been brought into a lifestyle and social status that he could not have had without his uncle's assistance. Alice overhears the invitation, and comments that she is planning a party for George that same evening - the date of his birthday.

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In the film, George Eastman (Montgomery Clift), the poor nephew of rich industrialist Charles Eastman (Herbert Heyes), takes a job in his uncle's factory. Despite George's family relationship to the owner, the rich Eastman family treats him as an outsider and gives him the humblest job available in the factory and no entree into their exclusive social circle. George, uncomplaining, hopes to impress his uncle--whom he addresses as "Mr. Eastman"--with his hard work and earn his way up. While working in the factory, George starts dating fellow factory worker Alice "Al" Tripp (Shelley Winters), in defiance of the workplace rules. Al is a poor and inexperienced girl who is dazzled by George and slow to believe that his Eastman name brings him no advantages.

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